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Divers Find Ghost Ships Near San Francisco

Remote-controlled underwater vehicle explored 3 historic wrecks

(Newser) - Researchers with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration just spent five days uncovering three historic shipwrecks dating back to the decades following the Gold Rush. More than 300 ships are thought to have wrecked in the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, which spans 1,300 square miles off... More »

Drought Fuels Mini California Gold Rush

Low water levels open up new areas for panning

(Newser) - California is facing what some have called its worst drought in a century , but there could be a silver lining—or, should we say, gold. Thanks to low water levels, a mini gold rush has sprung up around the Sierra Nevada foothills—the same spot flooded by '49ers in... More »

$2M in Gold, Gems Stolen From Calif. Gold Rush Museum

But robbers left behind 14-pound gold nugget

(Newser) - Police are hunting a pair of brazen "ninja" robbers in black wielding pickaxes who burst into a Sierra Nevada Gold Rush Museum in broad daylight and escaped with $2 million in gold and gems . No workers or visitors were injured, and the crooks failed to grab the biggest prize—... More »

Californian Busted for Lucrative Illegal Gold Mine

Sierra Nevada digger hit with environmental charges

(Newser) - California authorities aren't buying landowner Joseph Hardesty's excuse that he is merely running a gravel business from a Gold Rush-era mine in a gold-rich part of the state. Authorities in El Dorado County say he is running one of the most blatantly illegal gold-mining operations ever seen in... More »

Salmon Protections Strike Calif.'s New '49ers

Gold prospectors banned from using 21st-century dredgers

(Newser) - Prospectors seeking to join California's new gold rush are facing an upstream battle amid moves to protect the state's salmon stocks. Suction dredge mining, which uses gas-powered machines to scrape gold from river beds, has been banned while its environmental impact is reviewed, a process expected to take until 2011.... More »

Eureka! New Gold Rush Is On

Tens of thousands scour the West as prices boom

(Newser) - A new generation of prospectors is partying like it’s 1849: Record prices and a simple desire for outdoor fun are drawing thousands westward in a new gold rush, the New York Times reports. “Anywhere gold has been found in the past, that’s where they’re going again,... More »

6 Stories