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They Were in the Air. Then Came the Screams of 'I Am God'

Fellow passengers restrain woman who tried to open cabin door on United flight

(Newser) - A passenger who apparently believed she was some kind of deity was restrained by fellow fliers after trying to open an airplane cabin door during a flight from San Francisco to Boise, Idaho, on Monday. In video of the incident on United Express Flight 5449, the woman can be heard... More »

Why This Elderly Dog Is Nicknamed 'The Legend'

Mo survived 9 months, including a harsh winter, in the Idaho mountains

(Newser) - A lost Boise dog is back home after nine months and a brutal winter alone in the Idaho mountains. Mo, an elderly Chesapeake Bay retriever, wandered away from her owners during a hunting trip in September, the AP reports. Darwin and Cindy Cameron stayed near the tiny hamlet of Horseshoe... More »

Idaho Is Moving 98-Foot Sequoia 2 Blocks Away

No big deal

(Newser) - A large sequoia tree linked to a famous naturalist was standing in the way of progress. So more than a century after it was planted as a sapling in a doctor's yard in Boise, Idaho, the 10-story tree is on the move, shifting across the street to make way... More »

10 Best-Run US Cities

You'll find most of them in Middle America

(Newser) - Running a city is no small feat, and with nearly 63% of the US population living in urban centers, per the US Census Bureau . WalletHub decided to see which ones are managed the best. The site looked at 150 of the biggest cities in the country, combining the results of... More »

The 10 Best US Cities to Call Home

There are some surprises

(Newser) - Looking for a fresh start somewhere? US News & World Report just released its first list of the best places to live in America. The publication used data from the US Census Bureau, FBI, and more; its own rankings of high schools and hospitals; and a survey of thousands of... More »

Mr. Spud's Boise Mansion Soon to Be No More

Idaho billionaire's grand plans never quite materialized

(Newser) - It's the end of an era for Boise, Idaho. The hilltop mansion that once belonged to potato billionaire JR Simplot will soon be gone, the Idaho Statesman reports. Demolition started Sunday and should be wrapped up in 10 days. But the 30-foot-by-50-foot US flag flying some 200 feet above... More »

Feds: Homeless Have a Right to Sleep Outside

DOJ says laws forbidding it essentially criminalize homelessness

(Newser) - The US government believes it is unconstitutional for cities and towns to prohibit homeless people from sleeping outside, according to a statement of interest filed by the Department of Justice in a case out of Boise, Idaho. The Idaho Statesman reports the suit was brought against Boise by a number... More »

Armpit Hair Fire Triggers Car Crash

A prank on a driver goes very wrong in Boise, Idaho

(Newser) - Police say five teenagers are lucky to be alive after an early Sunday rollover crash in Boise, Idaho. The cause? Burning armpit hair. Three boys and two girls, aged 15 to 18, suffered non-life-threatening injuries—a fortunate feat as police say none were wearing seat belts and two were thrown... More »

Uzbek Man Nabbed in Idaho Over Terror Plot

Fazliddin Kurbanov charged with helping foreign terrorist organization

(Newser) - An Uzbek man has been arrested in Idaho and charged with helping a foreign terrorist organization make a bomb. "Any potential threat posed" by Fazliddin Kurbanov has been "contained," federal agents say. He was also charged with possessing bomb parts, the New York Times reports, and he'... More »

10 Best Cities for Small Business

(Newser) - Despite tough economic times, an analysis of the country’s 100 largest metropolitan areas offers hope for those looking to launch a small business. Portfolio and BizJournals list the cities that are most conducive:
  1. Raleigh, NC: The only market to rank among the top 10 in many key categories—growth,
... More »

America's Top 10 Cities

Combination of good jobs, good housing, and good times has Houston atop list

(Newser) - The best cities are those where you can not only find work and affordable housing, but are also infused with culture and creativity, Kiplinger's Personal Finance writes. Its (somewhat surprising) top 10:
  1. Houston: Flush with museums, nightlife, and a teeming job market.
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The Most Vulnerable Western City: Boise. Really?

City 'surprised' by terror response ranking

(Newser) - Boise, Idaho, may be better known for hosting the World Potato Congress than topping terrorist target lists, but it was the only city west of the Mississippi to make the top 10 in a Homeland Security-funded study ranking cities by vulnerability to terror attacks, the Washington Post reports. "To... More »

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