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Scientists Find Gold in Eucalyptus Trees

Discovery could be used by miners searching for the metal

(Newser) - Money may not grow on trees, but gold might grow in them. Such is the fascinating conclusion of a group of Australian researchers who studied eucalyptus trees in two groves in the country's west and south. The specific locations were chosen because the scientists knew there was gold in... More »

Koalas Face Extinction by Climate, Chlamydia?

Changing world strips diet-staple eucalyptus of nutrients

(Newser) - Australia's koalas face extinction as their population has been decimated by climate change and the loss of trees due to development and wildfires. Six years ago, they were thought to number more than 100,000; today, their count is as low as 43,000. Threats to their diet of eucalyptus... More »

How to Keep Bugs, DEET Away

Keep the bugs from biting without the toxins

(Newser) - Looking to keep the mosquitos away but not crazy about slathering yourself in a chemical such as DEET? Grist slapped on five DEET-free alternatives, with varying results:
  1. All Terrain Herbal Armor: This spray might be eco-friendly, but a medicine smell and filmy skin coating make that $4.99 better spent
... More »

Greenhouse Gases Destroying Koalas' Food

Extinction threat as eucalyptus becomes inedible

(Newser) - The koala and its marsupial cousins are in serious danger of extinction because greenhouse gases are rendering the eucalyptus leaves they rely on nutritionally worthless, reports the Australian. "What we're seeing is that the staple diet of these animals is being turned to leather," a professor said. "... More »

4 Stories