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Lincoln Letter Writer Finally IDed

Researcher matches writing to newspaper editor Andrew Johnston

(Newser) - It's a mystery more than a century in the making, but the author of a long-lost letter to Abraham Lincoln, split into four pieces and found in a mouse's nest within the walls of the Lincoln Home in 1987, may finally be revealed. More than 165 years after... More »

Pen Pals Meet After 55 Years of Letters

Australian woman visits US for the first time

(Newser) - Linda Martin and Wendy Norrie have been writing to each other for 55 years, ever since Norrie's fourth-grade teacher started a pen pal project in 1958. On Monday, they met for the first time. Norrie, who lives in Australia, mentioned in a recent letter to Martin that she was... More »

Time to Kill Email Signoffs

Matthew JX Malady says they're an annoying holdover from times of old

(Newser) - Got a favorite email signoff? "Best," maybe? Or some version of "Regards"? How about the old standby "XOXO"? Enough already, writes Matthew JX Malady at Slate . It's time to do away with email signoffs entirely. They're a waste of time and space,... More »

Up for Auction: Charles Schulz's Forbidden Love Letters

'Peanuts' creator sent them to young lady while he was married

(Newser) - The late Peanuts creator Charles Schulz was once so infatuated with a young woman 23 years his junior he sent her dozens of romantic letters and drawings of his beloved cartoon characters. Many of the themes of that correspondence made it into his daily comic strips at the time, and... More »

'Dear' Has Gone the Way of the Dinosaur

In our Internet age, it's too intimate for some, too formal for others

(Newser) - Dear reader: If starting your correspondence with the word “dear” seems just a bit too familiar to use, you’re not alone. The long-penned salutation appears to be headed for extinction, thanks in part to the proliferation of informal communication like email, the Wall Street Journal reports. Even one... More »

Letters Reveal Byron's Feud With 'Turdsworth'

Unpublished correspondence up for sale

(Newser) - A collection of letters written by Lord Byron to a clergyman, some of them unpublished, sheds new light on the Romantic poet—who discloses his sexual escapades with servants and angry opinions of fellow writers. Several letters refer to a serving girl whom he took as his mistress; he dumped... More »

Will Your Letter Reach Obama? This Guy Decides

White House correspondence head chooses 10 per day

(Newser) - The White House Correspondence Office sorts through tens of thousands of messages daily, and it’s up to its director to select which 10 find President Obama’s desk. But how to choose? “We pick messages that are compelling, things people say that, when you read it, you get... More »

Charles' Love Letters Show a Frisky Sailor

(Newser) - His personal life may now have all the sex appeal of tea in tweed, but once upon a time Prince Charles was a randy sailor writing risque letters to "exciting ladies (who) lurk behind bushes in order to pounce on unsuspecting naval officers … !" Six such letters, believed... More »

Vonnegut Protégé Will Share His Wisdom

Ex-lover plans volume of late writer's letters

(Newser) - Aspiring novelists, Kurt Vonnegut has some advice for you: “Write a play.” It’s easier. That, and other nuggets of wisdom, will be available for the first time when Vonnegut’s private correspondence with one of his students is published in April, the New York Post reports. Loree... More »

Mugabe Love Story Sparked Hatred of UK

In the 1960s, he begged London not to deport his wife

(Newser) - Robert Mugabe's hatred of the British may have stemmed from an affair of the heart, reports the Independent. Newly released letters from the 1960s show the future tyrant openly begged London not to deport his then-wife, Sally Mugabe, who had fled Rhodesia in the 1960s when he was jailed for... More »

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