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Food & Wine Gets Reality TV Twist

'Top Chef Magazine' section to grace January issue

(Newser) - Reality television apparently isn't too lowbrow for Food & Wine. The magazine's January issue will feature a 24-page special section called Top Chef Magazine. The articles, which will be labeled as an advertorial, will focus on aspects (culinary, we assume) of the Bravo show's contestants. If it... More »

Why You Should Drink From the Bottom of the List

Expensive wines can break the bank and cheaper ones may give off the impression of mediocrity, but they can save money without losing their taste

(Newser) - While most people prefer choosing from the top of any wine list, it’s not where you get the best bang for your buck, writes Eric Asimov in the New York Times. He suggests starting at the bottom. While expensive wines are a must-have for any respectable restaurant, “the... More »

Crunch Puts Crimp in Luxury Ad Sales

As consumers budget, luxury brands slash promotional spending

(Newser) - The echoes of the economic crisis continue to reverberate, with luxury brands trimming spending on newspaper and magazine ads as their target audiences cut back, reports the New York Times. Display advertising was already in decline, and spending on luxury items, which started softening in the spring, fell off a... More »

In Vino, Room for Interpretation

Despite study's hints, wine tasting remains a personal pursuit

(Newser) - That peppery flavor of Syrah? It comes from the same chemical that gives pepper its aroma, a recent study says. So sommeliers aren't making this stuff up: Wine bouquets actually have an empirical basis. But the compounds are tough to pin down because they change when mixed, and 20% of... More »

Top New Chefs: Read 'Em & Eat!

Food & Wine takes a look at the freshest cooking talent the US has to offer

(Newser) - Food & Wine has posted its Best New Chef awards for 2008. Look for their profiles in the July issue, but take a peek at the winners here:
  1. Jim Burke: owner of James, a modern Italian restaurant in Philadelphia's Bella Vista neighborhood.
  2. Gerard Craft: owner and chef at Niche in
... More »

5 Stories