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Madonna to Sell You Arms Like These

Material Girl opening string of Hard Candy gyms

(Newser) - Jealous of Madonna’s crazy muscles? You may soon be able to get some just like hers, assuming you live outside the United States. The pop star is opening a chain of Hard Candy Fitness gyms, starting with one in Mexico City that opens Nov. 29, the AP reports. More... More »

Ouch! Madonna Debuts Bandaged Look

Still shooting 'raunchy' photos at 50, will she be sexing it up 70?

(Newser) - So much for aging gracefully. Madonna posed for promo shots for her Hard Candy CD in an all-white getup with bandages at chest and wrist, "looking as though she’d sustained several injuries,” though at 50 she remains in exquisite shape, the Daily Mail reports. The ensemble was... More »

Madonna 'Offends God,' Says Cardinal at Dictator Mass

Cardinal condemns Material Girl for provoking 'lustful enthusiasm'

(Newser) - Madonna's stage performance is a "stain" on humanity and an "offense to God," declared a controversial Chilean cardinal who enjoyed close ties to the late military dictator General Augusto Pinochet. Cardinal Jorge Medina condemned Madonna from the pulpit during a mass for Pinochet, Reuters reports. The singer... More »

Where Did the Material Girl Go?

Has Madonna's style finally become... drab?

(Newser) - Madge might finally be easing into a different Madonna role: that of the mother figure in flowing, buttoned-up dresses. As unlikely as this sounds to those who remember the tutus, fingerless gloves, and infamous cone-bra, the most shocking thing about the Material Girl's recent outfits has been their lack of... More »

Madge Kid Wants Tour Gig

Lourdes, 11, is rehearsing so she can cut up dance floor with mom

(Newser) - At 11, Madonna's daughter Lourdes is studying to be a chip off the ol’ block. Lourdes—nicknamed Lola—is practicing her moves at a famous London dance studio in the hopes she can join her mom on tour in the fall, the Daily Mirror reports. "Lola is the best... More »

Madge Reprises Lesbian Kiss

A she did with Britney, Madonna uses a girl-on-girl lip-lock for publicity

(Newser) - Madonna revived a rare classic last night—and it wasn't a song. During a performance in Paris to promote new album Hard Candy, the Material Girl, 49, grabbed a female backup dancer for an on-stage lip-lock, reprising a headline-grabbing steamy stunt with Britney Spears during a 2003 MTV awards show,... More »

Material Girl Gets Back in the Groove

Almost 50, Madonna has 2 films and a pop record on the way

(Newser) - Pushing 50, Madonna is still rolling out movies and tunes like a true blue star, Vanity Fair reports. And she is unfazed by nasty reviews for Filth and Wisdom, a feature that she directed starring a Ukrainian gypsy punk singer. “You have to get to a point where you... More »

7 Stories