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French Debut Fat-Burning Drug

New drug tricks body into burning fat

(Newser) - French scientists have developed a drug that fools the body into burning fat even when on a high-fat diet, reports the BBC. The drug is a chemical cousin of resveratrol, a substance found in red wine and thought to combat heart disease. Higher doses of the compound completely prevented weight... More »

FDA Advisory Panel Rejects Weight-Loss Drug

Possible side effects send Acomplia to the sidelines

(Newser) - Accomplia, a weight-loss drug marketed in 18 other countries, failed to win approval from an FDA advisory board yesterday. The 14-member panel of outside experts ruled unanimously that manufacturer Sanofi-Aventis had not dispelled concerns about the safety of the drug, whose potential side effects include suicidal thoughts, anxiety, and depression. More »

Americans Go Abroad, Online for New Diet Pill

Hung up in FDA approval process, pill's already scoring big

(Newser) - The weight loss drug Acomplia is stuck in FDA limbo, but that isn't stopping Americans from ordering it off the Internet or buying it in Europe, where it's legal. If the government rules that its lowering of weight and cholesterol balances out the possible side effects, including suicide and depression,... More »

3 Stories