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Turmoil Can't Douse Zimbabwe's Hope

Author cheered by 'thriving currency' of home

(Newser) - Since June's election, Zimbabwe's economy has been in crisis. Store shelves are empty and inflation is out of control. Robert Mugabe remains in power. So why would anyone want to stay? The answer isn't easy, but it's simple, Kate Chambers writes in the Christian Science Monitor. "I like living... More »

Mugabe's Supporters Raid White-Owned Farms

Vow to fight off a second 'white invasion'

(Newser) - Militant supporters of President Robert Mugabe raided some of the last remaining white-owned farms in Zimbabwe last night as part of a campaign of intimidation to keep their leader in power, reports the Times of London. Television cameras filmed attackers forcing white landowners off their farms and looting their livestock... More »

2 Stories