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Fitness Mags' Bikini Bods Promote Eating Disorders

Shame on Shape for putting recovered bulimic Katharine McPhee on cover

(Newser) - No single thing causes eating disorders, but fitness magazines and their hard-bodied celeb cover models aren't helping, writes Katie Drummond. "Like heroin for the eating disordered, they offer misleading diet information, along with airbrushed photos of impossible physical ideals," she writes for True/Slant . One in particular has sunk... More »

Condi Debunks Veep Rumors

She's 'last to know about it,' quips aide

(Newser) - Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has once again quashed speculation that she is seeking the vice presidential nomination as John McCain's running mate, reports the Washington Post. A McCain-Rice ticket would satisfy many of McCain's conservative critics and represent a formidable challenge to a Dem ticket headed by a woman... More »

2 Stories