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Napoleon's Waterloo Didn't Come at Waterloo

Braine-l’Alleud would finally like some credit

(Newser) - History buffs—and tourists with money to spend—will be swarming on Waterloo, Belgium, next week to mark the 200th anniversary of Napoleon's famous last battle. The nearby town of Braine-l’Alleud isn't too thrilled about it, however. As the Wall Street Journal reports, the Battle of Waterloo... More »

Waterloo's 'Mystery Soldier' Was German Hunchback

Friedrich Brandt fought for the Brits against Napoleon: historian

(Newser) - The first complete skeleton retrieved from the Battle of Waterloo has been identified as a German who wouldn't be allowed in any modern army, the Sunday Times reports via the Independent . The soldier was apparently Friedrich Brandt, 23, who fought 200 years ago in the King’s German Legion... More »

Want to Play Napoleon? So Do These Guys—Bad

Two actors vie for coveted role in Waterloo reenactment

(Newser) - France no longer has an emperor, but tell that to Frank Samson and Mark Schneider. The Frenchman and American, respectively, are vying for the role of Napoleon in a massive 200th-anniversary reenactment of the battle of Waterloo—and neither will take defeat lying down, the Wall Street Journal reports. "... More »

Would You Support a Gay Baseball Commissioner?

Poll asks Americans revealing questions

(Newser) - Would you be OK with a gay baseball commissioner? How about a quarterback? Those are just a couple of the random-yet-revealing questions asked in the new 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll. In that question, for example, 62% said they’d be OK with the quarterback, and 61% with the baseball commissioner,... More »

Waterloo—You Know, Like in the ABBA Song

Italian exec with loose grasp of history becomes YouTube hit

(Newser) - An telecom exec came up short in a motivational speech to employees when he called the battle of Waterloo a victory for Napoleon. Now clips of the animated Italian manager urging his staff to "go ahead and score like Napoleon at Waterloo" have become a YouTube hit, the ANSA... More »

5 Stories