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The Big Question: Should 10K US Troops Stay in Iraq?

Iraqi officials worry longer US presence could spur sectarian violence

(Newser) - The US and Iraq have been discussing the possibility of leaving 10,000 US troops in Iraq after the planned withdrawal date, insiders tell the Wall Street Journal . But Iraqi leaders worry that the move could strain sectarian relations and prompt protests echoing others in the Arab world. US leaders,... More »

Iraq Vote Marks Fading US Power

Iraqis taking over

(Newser) - As Iraqis headed to the polls yesterday, it was clear that American sway over the country is fading fast, the New York Times reports. Some 140,000 US troops remain in the country, but their presence is far less visible, and Iraqis have made bold strides in setting a firm... More »

Russia Keeps Troops in Poti

(Newser) - Russia says it will continue to patrol the key Black Sea port of Poti despite Western demands that it pull back to pre-conflict positions, Reuters reports. A Russian general said troops will continue "peacekeeping" operations there even though the city falls outside the perimeter agreed upon in the recent... More »

May Iraq Death Toll Lowest in 4 Years

(Newser) - The death toll in Iraq plunged in May, with 21 US military dead the lowest monthly figure in more than 4 years. Iraqi civilians and troopers also saw a decline, with 532 deaths in May, compared with 1,080 the month before. But in the absence of lasting political agreements,... More »

US Presence in Iraq Open-Ended in Secret Pact

US-Iraq deal would remove limit on troops, weapons

(Newser) - US officials and the Iraqi government plan to authorize an open-ended American presence in Iraq, according to a secret draft of an agreement between the two nations. The March 7 draft, leaked to the Guardian, is intended to replace the current UN mandate authorizing operations that expires this year. The... More »

5 Stories