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Trump's Military Parade Could Be Pricey: OMB

Mick Mulvaney says it could run between $10M and $30M

(Newser) - The White House budget director said Wednesday that a military parade envisioned by President Trump won't come cheap: It could cost between $10 million and $30 million, although that money isn't included in the administration's new budget request. Office of Management and Budget Director Mick Mulvaney told... More »

Obama Picks Sylvia Burwell as Budget Chief: Sources

Walmart Foundation head worked in Clinton's White House

(Newser) - President Obama has planned his next big nomination: Walmart Foundation chief Sylvia Burwell as budget director, Reuters reports. Sources say that Obama will name the 47-year-old veteran of Bill Clinton's White House tomorrow. On the upside, she directed philanthropic efforts from Wal-Mart's Arkansas headquarters, she brings an outsider'... More »

Larry Summers Will Leave White House After Midterms

Top adviser joins exodus of economic team

(Newser) - President Obama's top economic adviser plans to leave the administration at the end of the year, the White House said today. Lawrence Summers will leave his post as director of the National Economic Council to return to Harvard University, where he once served as president before being forced out in... More »

Record $1.4T Deficit Imperils Recovery

Gap dwarfs FY2008 figure, spells trouble for new stimulus plans

(Newser) - The federal deficit in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30 was $1.4 trillion, lower than projected but still a record. At 10% of GDP, the figure is the largest since 1945, when the deficit was 21.5% of GDP. The figure made public today coincides with early rumblings... More »

Third Emanuel Brother Key to Health Reform

The eldest, Zeke, goes from bioethicist to administration guru

(Newser) - Zeke Emanuel may not get the press brothers Rahm and Ari do, but he’s a figure to watch as the health-care reform debate heats up, the New Republic reports. As head of the National Institute of Health’s bioethics division, Emanuel became one of the most influential bioethicists in... More »

GOP Govs Back Down, Request Stimulus Funds

Ambitious conservatives cave on most federal aid dollars

(Newser) - Tough talk about rejecting stimulus funds earned some GOP governors—and presidential hopefuls—plenty of headlines, but reality has set in, Politico reports. Under fire from their legislatures, Bobby Jindal, Mark Sanford, and Sarah Palin have all requested funds in the past week. “At this point it looks like... More »

Schumer to GOP: Stimulus Is All or Nothing

Governors can't cherry-pick favorite parts, senator argues

(Newser) - Chuck Schumer thinks governors ought to have one choice when it comes to the stimulus: Take it or leave it. The New York senator is fed up with Republicans like Bobby Jindal and Mark Sanford, who want to grab some federal cash while refusing the rest on ideological grounds. “... More »

Inaugural to Cost Record $160M

Obama raising $45M in private funds to help pay massive bill

(Newser) - By the time Barack and Michelle Obama dance the last waltz at the inaugural balls in the wee hours next Wednesday morning, the total tab for the inauguration will be close to a record $160 million, reports the New York Daily News. The president-elect is raising $45 million in private... More »

Workers Charge Laptops to Lingerie on Fed Credit Cards

Audit: Nearly half of purchases broke rules

(Newser) - Millions of dollars government employees charged to federal credit cards went for less-than-appropriate perks ranging from digital cameras to dating services, sexy lingerie, laptops, and a $13,000 postal party, reports the Washington Post. An investigation by the Government Accountability Office found that 48% of major purchases on federal credit... More »

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