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US Becoming Net Fuel Exporter

More going out than coming in for first time since 1949

(Newser) - This is going to be the first year since 1949 in which America exports more fuel than it imports, thanks to sagging demand at home and booming economies elsewhere. The US still imports around 9 million barrels of crude oil every day, but soaring exports of refined petroleum products are... More »

Gas Prices Lowest in Year

Lower gas worth $1000 a year for families

(Newser) - The price of gasoline has dropped to its lowest level in a year, Reuters reports. The national average price for a gallon of regular unleaded is $2.91, a drop of 57 cents per gallon in just the last two weeks. Gas is most expensive in San Francisco, at... More »

Gas Use Hits Record Low, Prices Still Sky High

Increasing supply fails to dent price

(Newser) - Soaring gas prices are changing Americans driving habits, cutting consumption to the lowest levels in five years, reports the Wall Street Journal. Gas consumption dropped by 3.3% to 9.3 million barrels a day compared with last year's Fourth of July holiday. Some 62% of Americans are changing summer... More »

Oil Expected to Stay Above $100 This Year

Fed agency ups forecast as world laps up Texas tea

(Newser) - A barrel of crude could end up averaging more than $100 this year, federal handicappers are predicting, just weeks after the triple-digit mark seemed like a troublesome anomaly. OPEC’s parsimony with its reserves, spiking demand worldwide and a dwindling supply outside the Middle East are conspiring to squeeze rates—... More »

4 Stories