Street Fights

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Kimbo Slice: Where Rage Meets Honor

YouTube helped fighter Kevin Ferguson pull himself up from homeless to famous

(Newser) - ESPN takes the measure of Kimbo Slice, streetfighting YouTube star and soon-to-be network TV darling, when mixed martial arts makes its broadcast TV debut Friday."Kimbo combines Mike Tyson's mystique and Mr. T's personality," Dan le Batard writes of the man who hit it big when a video... More »

No Crown for Street Kings

Cop flick puts overwrought machismo on display

(Newser) - Street Kings doesn't get a lot of love from critics, who say it resorts at times to the worst of cop-flick cliches. Keanu Reeves plays a cold-hearted, vodka-swigging LA vice cop who's hunting down his former partner's murderers. And while screenwriter James Ellroy's pulp machismo has worked before, here Reeves... More »

2 Stories