Duke Energy Corp.

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Mountain of Coal Ash Spills Into NC River

But officials say drinking water is safe

(Newser) - Somewhere between 50,000 and 82,000 tons of coal ash have spilled into a river that flows between North Carolina and Virginia since Sunday, the Los Angeles Times reports. But municipal officials as well as the owner of the retired coal plant involved, Duke Energy, insist the drinking water... More »

Duke CEO Resigns After 1 Day—With $44.4M

Board preferred old boss's management style

(Newser) - Hours after Bill Johnson became CEO of Duke Energy, its board sought his resignation—which it received at 12:01am the day after he took the job. Such a quick change is practically unknown in US history, the Wall Street Journal notes—and nearly as shocking is the $44.4... More »

NRC Warns of Shoddy Nuke Parts

Counterfeit parts flood US from China

(Newser) - An influx of shoddy and counterfeit parts from China and elsewhere could pose safety hazards in US nuclear power plants, warn officials of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. A dramatic decline in the number of domestic suppliers is making reliable nuclear parts harder to find, reports the Wall Street Journal. The... More »

3 Stories