Constellation Energy Group

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Buffett Strikes as Investors Flee; Buys Energy Firm

In his first move of the current market crisis, the Oracle collects more energy

(Newser) - Warren Buffett swooped in yesterday with one of his patented moves, his first during the current market turmoil. He purchased Constellation Energy Group, Baltimore’s large hometown energy supplier, after its stock plummeted by 60 percent since Monday, the Sun reports. As investors fled the company, Buffett saw opportunity, adding... More »

NRC Warns of Shoddy Nuke Parts

Counterfeit parts flood US from China

(Newser) - An influx of shoddy and counterfeit parts from China and elsewhere could pose safety hazards in US nuclear power plants, warn officials of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. A dramatic decline in the number of domestic suppliers is making reliable nuclear parts harder to find, reports the Wall Street Journal. The... More »

2 Stories