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Europe's Ancient Ports Have New Infestation: Tourists

Cruise ships bring in visitors by the tens of thousands daily

(Newser) - It all started with Venice. The Italian port city on the Adriatic Sea has seen its population dwindle since the 1950s as locals are forced out by what the BBC calls "hordes of cruise-ship visitors." Nowadays, the problem of cruise ship tourist invasion has spilled over to many... More »

Tesla CEO: We'll Investigate $5 an Hour Labor Claims

Newspaper says foreign workers were brought in on the cheap

(Newser) - An article in Sunday's San Jose Mercury News exposed a troubling narrative about Tesla's plant in Fremont, Calif., claiming that about 140 workers from Eastern Europe were imported by a subcontractor to build a paint shop for the Model 3 sedan—for $5 an hour. Per the Guardian ... More »

Mystery Girl Found in Small Town Stumps Authorities

They're calling her Nina and looking for anyone who recognizes her

(Newser) - Authorities are hoping the media can help solve the mystery of young girl found alone in a park in a small Croatian town last month, Sky News reports. Authorities are calling the girl Nina, though they have no idea what her name is or how old she is; they initially... More »

Migrants' New Peril: Winter Is Coming

Border closings in Balkans will only make the situation worse

(Newser) - Governments across the Balkans are scrambling to locate empty buildings, while aid workers are boosting their stashes of coats, blankets, and tents in anticipation of a backlog of migrants who may soon be facing a treacherous winter as they work their way toward friendly Western European countries, the New York ... More »

Facing Fences, Tear Gas, Migrants Forced to Improvise

Hungary's cracking down, so other countries are scrambling to help

(Newser) - More than 500 migrants have been detained for illegally entering Hungary or breaching a border fence, with nearly 50 criminal cases on the books since new laws took effect yesterday, the New York Times reports, while the BBC notes that Hungarian riot police today fired tear gas at migrants trying... More »

'Centipede From Hell' Discovered in Croatian Caves

And Hades has got a partner named Persephone

(Newser) - Scientists hoped they'd find some exotic creatures burrowing through some of the deepest caves in Croatia, and they did not come up short. Meet Geophilus hadesi—or "Hades," named for the Greek god of the underworld—a subterranean centipede discovered in the Velebit mountain range by the... More »

Serbia, Croatia Cleared of Genocide

ICJ says claims of genocide in Balkan Wars were not proven

(Newser) - Neither Serbia nor Croatia committed genocide in the wake of Yugoslavia's collapse, the International Court of Justice says in a verdict this morning from the Hague, per Reuters . In a case filed in 1999, Croatia had claimed Serbia committed genocide, including during a three-month occupation in Vukovar, during the... More »

Bob Dylan Sued in France for ... Racism?

Croatian group angry about remark in 'Rolling Stone' interview

(Newser) - A Croatian community organization in France is suing Bob Dylan for allegedly inciting racial hatred. The group, CRICCF, said that the singer crossed the line with remarks made in a Rolling Stone interview last year, the Guardian reports. Dylan was riffing on the history of racial animosity in the US... More »

Croatia Joins EU

Former Yugoslav country is 28th member

(Newser) - Croatia held a midnight celebration as it officially joined the European Union this morning, 10 years after the country applied. It's "a great and joyful day for our homeland," said President Ivo Josipovic. The first deputy prime minister offered a bit more detail: "It's important... More »

Honeybees Trained to Find Land Mines

Move over, dogs and rats

(Newser) - Honeybees are better known for producing delicious condiments than saving lives, but all that could change thanks to a team of Croatian researchers, who are training them to find unexploded land mines. Bees have an excellent sense of smell, which they use to find food, so the researchers are reprogramming... More »

Karadzic: I Should Be Rewarded

Trial begins for alleged mastermind of Srebrenica massacre

(Newser) - Radovan Karadzic's trial on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity began today in the Hague, but the former Bosnian Serb leader insisted in his 90-minute opening statement that rather than being punished for what happened during the war, "I should be rewarded for all the good things... More »

Blue Ivy Now an Honorary Citizen of Croatian Town

Beyonce, Jay-Z daughter's life just keeps getting better

(Newser) - Blue Ivy Carter has her own signature scent , a spot on the Billboard charts , a crystal-coated bathtub … and now dual citizenship. The Croatian town of Hvar has named the daughter of Beyonce and Jay-Z an honorary citizen, and it's all thanks to her unique name: Blue Ivy is... More »

Last Serbian War Criminal Arrested

Goran Hadzic will be transferred to The Hague

(Newser) - Serbia has arrested the last of its indicted war criminals, Goran Hadzic. Hadzic, president of the de facto government of Serb territories that broke away in former Yugoslavia, was in hiding for seven years. With his arrest, all 161 people indicted by the International Criminal Tribunal for alleged war crimes... More »

Serbia: We've Got Ratko Mladic

President confirms arrest of longtime war crimes fugitive

(Newser) - Ratko Mladic, Europe's most notorious war crimes fugitive whose long years on the lam have thwarted Serbia's EU membership, has been arrested, confirms Serbian President Boris Tadic in a rushed news conference this morning. "On behalf of the Republic of Serbia, we announce that Ratko Mladic has... More »

Man Tries to Open a Grenade...

You know how this one is going to end

(Newser) - Today, in the Brainiac Department: A man goes walking in a field in Croatia and stumbles upon a grenade left over from the Homeland War of the early '90s. What's his first thought? Scrap metal! The 53-year-old took the grenade home and attempted to break it apart in his garage... More »

Teen Emerges From Coma Fluent in German

Croatian doctors say they can't explain it, yet

(Newser) - A bizarre tale from Croatia: The Daily Mail and the Telegraph are reporting that a 13-year-old girl emerged from a 24-hour coma unable to speak her native Croatian but fluent in German. The girl reportedly had basic lessons in German before falling ill and had been watching German TV programs,... More »

Croatian Nazis Disrupt Aussie Open

Youths shout slurs, light flares in Melbourne Park

(Newser) - Australia's Croatian community today condemned a gang of young Croatian neo Nazis who have been chanting ethnic slurs, spitting and giving Hitler salutes at the Australian Tennis Open. Their actions give "the whole community a bad name," said a spokesman. Two members of the group face murder charges... More »

Latest Celebrity Getaways

Dubai is out of favor, but these destinations are heating up

(Newser) - With Dubai in dire straits, where will jet-setters go now? The Frisky knows. See full details here .
  • Morocco: Big names like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston were in Marrakesh recently for the opening of a Chopard jewelry boutique.
  • Croatia: With the war over, celebs such as Steven Spielberg and Robert
... More »

What Bailout? AIG CEO Prefers Making Wine

Under fire for blunt talk, Benmosche pursues real passion: grapes

(Newser) - New AIG chief Robert Benmosche has garnered reams of bad coverage since taking over the train-wreck insurer—and nearly a month into the job, he's still at his holiday villa in Croatia. Reuters visited Benmosche at his coastal idyll and finds his true passion to be not finance but the... More »

AIG Chief Takes Holiday After 2 Days on Job

(Newser) - Robert Benmosche has been at the head of AIG for 48 hours now, so naturally it's time for a vacation. The new CEO of the four-times-bailed-out insurer is leaving for his 8,000-square foot villa on the Adriatic for the next two weeks. "It’s probably not a propitious... More »

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