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Nunes Talks About Protecting Trump on Leaked Audio

Rachel Maddow aired portions of the recordings, made at a closed-door fundraiser

(Newser) - "If Sessions won't unrecuse and Mueller won't clear the president, we're the only ones. Which is really the danger." That was just some of what House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes said in audio recorded at a private July 30 fundraiser in Spokane, Wash., and... More »

Trump's Lawyers Send Mueller a Counteroffer

Rudy Giuliani says negotiations should be over by Sept. 1

(Newser) - "This should be over by September 1st," said Rudy Giuliani in reference to negotiations over a possible interview between President Trump and special counsel Robert Mueller. "We have now given him an answer, he obviously he should take a few days to consider it, but we should... More »

Manafort's Right-Hand Man: I Stole From Manafort, Too

Rick Gates testifies against former partner

(Newser) - The star prosecution witness in the financial fraud trial of Paul Manafort testified Monday that he concealed millions of dollars in foreign bank accounts on Manafort's behalf and falsified documents to help his former boss obtain millions of dollars more in bank loans. Rick Gates also admitted he embezzled... More »

Trump's Worry: That Jr. Accidentally Broke Law

Sources say worry for son has been driving stepped-up rhetoric against Mueller

(Newser) - If President Trump has seemed to step up the rhetoric against Robert Mueller's investigation lately, sources say it's because he's worried the inquiry could hit close to home: Specifically, his son, Don Jr., reports the Washington Post . The president is worried that his son might have exposure... More »

Trump Team Plays Up Use of Word 'Should' in Tweet

Giuliani says Trump didn't tweet that Sessions 'must' stop Mueller probe

(Newser) - President Trump has had plenty to say on Twitter about Attorney General Jeff Sessions; on Wednesday, he had something to say to him. "..This is a terrible situation and Attorney General Jeff Sessions should stop this Rigged Witch Hunt right now, before it continues to stain our country any... More »

Small World: Trump Jr. and Mueller at Same Airport Gate

Photo catches them both at DC airport

(Newser) - The AP doesn't have the photo, so we can't show it to you here, but it's worth a click over to Politico to check it out. It captures none other than Robert Mueller and Donald Trump Jr. waiting at the same gate Friday morning at Reagan National... More »

Cohen's New Allegation Comes With One Big 'If'

It's his word against Trump's, unless Mueller can corroborate

(Newser) - CNN and NBC came out with a potentially big story Thursday night, reporting that Michael Cohen says Donald Trump was fully aware of the infamous meeting between Russians and some of Trump's closest advisers ahead of the election. On Friday, the president himself emphatically denied the allegation made... More »

NYT: Mueller Wants to Question Trump About His Tweets

3 sources say it's all part of his probe into possible obstruction of justice

(Newser) - President Trump has used Twitter to speak out against lots of people—and now special counsel Robert Mueller is scrutinizing the president's tweets about Jeff Sessions and James Comey, three sources tell the New York Times . Sessions and Comey are key witnesses in Mueller's investigation into Russian interference... More »

11 GOP Lawmakers Are Trying to Impeach Mueller's Boss

'We're tired of the Justice Department giving us the finger'

(Newser) - Two extremely conservative House lawmakers are leading a bid to impeach Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who oversees Robert Mueller. Reps. Mark Meadows and Jim Jordan are among 11 Republican lawmakers who filed a resolution Wednesday calling for Rosenstein to be impeached, the Washington Post reports. The men, allies of... More »

Mueller Plans to Question the 'Hollywood Madame'

Kristin Davis is close friends with Roger Stone

(Newser) - Next up, the "Hollywood Madame": Robert Mueller's team has told Kristin Davis that they want to sit down and talk, the Washington Post reports. Mueller's people are expected to question Davis—who's known for her pricey 2000s prostitution ring linked to the downfall of Elliot Spitzer—... More »

Kavanaugh's 'Final Nail' Remark Riles Democrats

Trump Supreme Court pick has no love for independent counsels

(Newser) - Independent counsels that investigate the president? Brett Kavanaugh says he'd hammer "the final nail" into a precedent allowing them—and Democrats are none too happy about his remark, CNN reports. President Trump's Supreme Court pick made the statement in 2016 when asked if there was a case... More »

Mueller Seeks Immunity for 5 Manafort Witnesses

Former Trump campaign chairman's trial expected to start next week

(Newser) - The special counsel in the Russia investigation is seeking immunity for five potential witnesses in the upcoming trial of President Trump's former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort. The five individuals have indicated that they won't testify or provide other information "on the basis of their privilege against self-incrimination,... More »

Highlights of Trump-Putin News Conference

Putin denies meddling, and Trump calls the investigation a 'disaster for our country'

(Newser) - President Trump and Vladimir Putin met for two hours Monday—about 30 minutes longer than allotted—and both emerged afterward sounding dismissive about allegations that Russia meddled in the 2016 election. Some highlights:
  • Putin denial: The Russian president dismissed the notion of "so-called Russian interference" in the election. "
... More »

GOP Ready to Impeach Rosenstein: Report

House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows has the document in hand

(Newser) - Seems House conservatives are still hoping to see Rod Rosenstein hit the unemployment line. Conservative lawmakers were honing an impeaching filing for the deputy attorney general Friday at the same time he announced 12 indictments against Russians for alleged election hacking, Capitol Hill sources tell Politico . In fact, Rosenstein was... More »

Trump Fires Off Accusatory Tweet About Russian Hack

The president appears to blame President Obama

(Newser) - With 12 Russians indicted Friday for allegedly hacking the 2016 US election, President Trump is blaming an unexpected figure: President Obama, the Hill reports. "The stories you heard about the 12 Russians yesterday took place during the Obama Administration, not the Trump Administration," Trump tweeted Saturday. "Why... More »

Russian Hack Followed Trump's 'Are You Listening' Speech

Clinton's office was targeted hours after candidate Trump mentioned it

(Newser) - Was Russia listening after all? In a July 27, 2016, speech, then-candidate Donald Trump called on Russian hackers to find emails from his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, in the US presidential campaign. "Russia, if you're listening," Trump said , "I hope you're able to find the... More »

US Indicts 12 Russians in 2016 Election Hack

Intelligence officers allegedly got into Democratic emails

(Newser) - President Trump will have a talking point when he meets with Vladimir Putin in a few days: Twelve Russian intelligence officers were indicted on charges they hacked into Democratic email accounts during the 2016 US presidential election and released stolen information in the months before Americans headed to the polls,... More »

Giuliani Sets Tough New Conditions for Trump Interview

The attorney wants evidence Trump committed a crime before a sit-down takes place

(Newser) - The White House is changing its posture in the ongoing saga of the Mueller probe. Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani tells the New York Times that the president will sit for an interview with Robert Mueller only if the special counsel can show evidence that Trump committed a crime. "If... More »

Trump Blasts 'Near Drunken' Senator for Mueller Joke

Warner said he'd spill the beans after more wine

(Newser) - The ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee joked about the Robert Mueller investigation over the weekend—and President Trump was clearly not amused. Politico reports that in a speech to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee retreat in Martha's Vineyard on Friday night, Sen. Mark Warner joked that a... More »

FBI Agent Axed Over Trump Texts Says He'd Testify

Donald Trump was not thrilled with Peter Strzok's announcement

(Newser) - The FBI agent who was nixed from the Mueller probe team over texts that disparaged President Trump says he's willing to testify about his side of the story. Per the AP , a lawyer for Peter Strzok told House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte in a letter Sunday that his... More »

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