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Ex-FBI Chief to Investigate Handling of Ray Rice Case

Independent inquiry to be overseen by 2 NFL owners

(Newser) - Former FBI Director Robert Mueller will conduct an "independent" inquiry into the NFL's handling of the Ray Rice case , the league has announced. The move comes after a source said the NFL had the tape of Rice knocking out his then-fiancee five months before it expelled him from... More »

FBI Chief: We Use Surveillance Drones in US

But Robert Mueller insists the agency does so rarely

(Newser) - FBI chief Robert Mueller's testimony on Capitol Hill today is drawing headlines mostly for his acknowledgement that the agency uses drones for surveillance on US soil. Mueller, however, emphasized that the practice is rare, reports the Hill . "Our footprint is very small," he told senators. "We... More »

Data Mining Might Have Stopped 9/11: FBI Chief

Robert Mueller takes his turn on Capitol Hill

(Newser) - Various security officials have made the case that the government's phone and Internet surveillance is necessary to keep the country safe, but FBI chief Robert Mueller brought out the big guns during testimony on Capitol Hill today. Had this kind of data mining been in place 13 years ago,... More »

2 Elite FBI Agents Killed in Training

Members of Hostage Rescue Team died in accident involving helicopter

(Newser) - The FBI is mourning two members of its elite Hostage Rescue Team who were killed in a helicopter training accident off the coast of Virginia. The agents—part of the team tasked with the most difficult and urgent missions in the US—were not killed by gunfire, an FBI spokeswoman... More »

US Spy Chiefs: Cyber Threat Is on Par With Terrorism

Cyber Command looks to go on offense

(Newser) - With China , Iran , and other countries increasingly hacking the United States, its infrastructure, and its companies, the Pentagon is stepping up its cyber defense operations in a major way—provided Washington's budget battles don't hamstring its efforts, reports the Washington Post . Gen. Keith Alexander, the head of the... More »

'Credible' 9/11 Threat Hasn't Expired: Officials

Sept. 11 may have passed, but terrorist threat hasn't

(Newser) - Three words you don't want to hear in the same sentence: credible, threat, unresolved. Unfortunately, that's the word out of the National Counterterrorism Center. USA Today reports that NCC director Matthew Olsen, along with Janet Napolitano and Robert Mueller, today told the Senate Homeland Security Committee that while... More »

FBI Chief Calls Lockerbie Release 'Mockery' of Law

'Your action rewards a terrorist,' Mueller writes to Scottish official

(Newser) - FBI chief Robert Mueller condemned the release of the Lockerbie bomber as “a mockery of the rule of law,” CNN reports. “Your action rewards a terrorist,” Mueller wrote to the Scottish official who released Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi on compassionate grounds. “Where, I ask, is the... More »

FBI to Expand Role Battling Terrorism

Marks effort toward investigation, criminal prosecution of accused terrorists

(Newser) - The FBI will take a bigger role in the fight against terrorism, the Los Angeles Times reports, moving into investigation and criminal prosecution of accused terrorists. The shift marks a change from the secretive CIA operations favored by the Bush administration, and ties in with President Obama’s assertion that... More »

Supreme Court Dumps Suit Vs. Mueller, Ashcroft

9/11 detainee faulted FBI head, former AG over confinement rules

(Newser) - The Supreme Court says a lawsuit against FBI Director Robert Mueller and former Attorney General John Ashcroft by a former Sept. 11 detainee cannot go forward. The court today overturned a lower court decision that let Javaid Iqbal's lawsuit against the high-ranking officials proceed. Iqbal is a Pakistani Muslim who... More »

Push to Boost Diversity Backfires on FBI

Whoops—bureau's website features fired whistleblower agent

(Newser) - Luckily for the FBI, photos can't talk. The bureau's website promotes its American Indian/Alaskan Native diversity program with a picture of an agent who says she was fired in retaliation for blowing the whistle about racial insensitivity, "In the Loop" columnist Al Kamen reports for the Washington Post.... More »

Pakistan Not Cooperating in Search for Militants: US

Officials worry that terrorists can get too-easy access to US

(Newser) - US intelligence officials are frustrated by what they see as Islamabad’s roadblocks in efforts to investigate terrorist cells with ties to Pakistan, the Los Angeles Times reports. Pakistanis living in European countries, who can enter the US without much scrutiny, remain a worry for the CIA and FBI, whose... More »

Prez Obama to Work With Key Bush Holdovers

Bernanke, Mullen, FBI's Mueller will retain power

(Newser) - As he addresses the most serious problems that face the country, Barack Obama will have to work with several key Bush appointees whose tenure will last a year or two into his administration, the Washington Post reports. But experts say dealing with Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, Joint Chiefs head Michael... More »

Senate Grills FBI on Anthrax, Ivins

Lawmakers raise doubts that suspect acted alone

(Newser) - Senators cast strong doubts today on the FBI's conclusion that Bruce Ivins acted alone in the 2001 anthrax scare, reports the Washington Post, with many demanding a more public vetting of the investigation into America’s largest bioterror attack. "There are others out there who should be charged... More »

Justices Will Decide If Immigrant Can Sue Ashcroft

Pakistani man alleges abuse in post-9/11 roundup; top fed brass claims immunity

(Newser) - The Supreme Court today agreed to hear an appeal from John Ashcroft, with the former attorney general insisting top government officials cannot be sued by immigrants who allege they were beaten and abused after 9/11. Lower courts have refused to dismiss a suit from a man who was held for... More »

FBI Stalled in Addressing Prisoner Abuse

Report says agents didn't participate in torture, but knew of it

(Newser) - FBI agents dragged their feet in reporting torture inflicted on prisoners by Defense contractors and CIA employees, an an internal FBI report shows, but agents themselves generally did not participate in torture. FBI brass, however, was scolded for not providing more guidance or “pressing harder” to curb other agencies’... More »

EBay Fights Web Fraud Gangs in Romania

Inside the war against online auction fraud

(Newser) - Internet giant eBay is battling online auction fraud—and the center of the struggle is a Romanian town in the Carpathian mountains. A top eBay investigator, who has US Secret Service protection, forages police files in the region to combat scams. Internet auction fraud is the specialty of Romanian crime... More »

Justice Switched Focus to Sex, Terror & Immigrants

Feds back off from mob and white collar crime

(Newser) - As the Senate Judiciary Committee today considers the nomination of Michael Mukasey as attorney general, data shows a profound shift in focus by the Justice Department over the 7 years of the Bush administration. The prosecution of mobsters, white collar criminals, environmental crimes and civil rights violations have taken a... More »

FBI Chief Refutes Gonzales

Mueller's notes call hospitalized Ashcroft 'barely articulate'

(Newser) - Newly released notes taken by the FBI director in 2004 contradict Alberto Gonzales' Senate testimony about the internal conflict over the warrantless wiretapping program. Robert Mueller's heavily redacted notes refer to hospitalized AG John Ashcroft as "feeble" and "barely articulate," the Washington Post reports—a far cry... More »

FBI Chief's Testimony Contradicts Gonzales

Democrats demand perjury probe

(Newser) - Pressure mounted on Alberto Gonzales yesterday as FBI director Robert Mueller directly contradicted the attorney general in testimony before the House Judiciary Committee. Mueller and Gonzales gave dramatically different accounts about  whether the Justice department's secret eavesdropping program was the subject of the now-legendary nighttime confrontation at the hospital bedside... More »

FBI Jet Veers Off Course

Tricked-out aircraft designated for counterterrorism often ferries director

(Newser) - The FBI says it needs its $40 million Gulfstream V jet for counterterrorism missions, yet nearly one-quarter of its flight time consists of routine trips by director Robert Mueller, the Washington Post reports. A key Republican senator calls this use of the only agency aircraft capable of international flights "... More »

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