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Vanity Fair Names 2018's 'Disruptors'

Students, CEOs, celebrities are among them

(Newser) - What do Kendrick Lamar, Robert Mueller, and the Parkland students have in common? They all land on Vanity Fair's 2018 "New Establishment" list, a hard-to-define (just check out the magazine's subhead) collection of "disruptors" —fresh faces and familiar ones "up to fresh tricks"—... More »

Mueller Signals He's Ready for Michael Flynn Sentencing

The former National Security Adviser's legal battle could soon come to a close

(Newser) - Special counsel Robert Mueller is ready for a judge to sentence former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, according to a court document filed Monday. The move would bring Flynn's involvement in the Russia investigation to a close nearly a year after he pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with... More »

New Filing: Manafort to Plead Guilty to Conspiring Against US

And conspiracy to obstruct justice; prosecutors' new charging documents signal guilty plea

(Newser) - Prosecutors have filed new charging documents against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, suggesting he'll plead guilty ahead of a second trial next week. The charges in Friday's filing were contained in a criminal information, a document that can only be filed with a defendant's consent and... More »

Trump to Answer Mueller's Questions, With a Catch

He'll answer only 'pre-presidential questions,' and in writing: lawyer

(Newser) - Rudy Giuliani said Thursday that the president wouldn't answer any questions about obstruction of justice from Robert Mueller's team. Speaking first to the AP , President Trump's lawyer said questions, in writing or in person, about whether Trump tried to stymie the investigation into Russian interference in the... More »

'First Domino' in Mueller Probe Pleads for No Jail Time

George Papadopoulos also says Trump, Sessions seemed on board with his Putin idea

(Newser) - Lawyers for George Papadopoulos describe their client as the "first domino" to fall in the Robert Mueller investigation, but they say their client doesn't deserve to go to jail next week when he's sentenced for lying to the FBI about his Russian contacts. The filing submitted by... More »

Trump's Legal Team Wary of Silence From Mueller

Lawyers haven't heard from prosecutors in weeks, as Roger Stone expects trouble

(Newser) - Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani has been haggling with Robert Mueller about the idea of the president sitting down for an interview, and Giuliani had hoped to have the issue resolved by Sept. 1. That's looking increasingly unlikely now because Giuliani tells CNN he hasn't heard from Mueller's... More »

Mueller Report May Face a Bizarre Hurdle

Politico explains how the case of a professor's 1956 disappearance could prevent its release

(Newser) - It's a safe bet this will end up being Monday's strangest twist in the Robert Mueller investigation: Politico explains how the unrelated case of a professor who disappeared in 1956 could prevent Mueller from making his report public. It takes some unpacking: More than six decades ago, a... More »

Another Longtime Trump Ally Is Granted Immunity

Allen Weisselberg is chief financial officer of the Trump Organization

(Newser) - First Michael Cohen, then David Pecker , and now Allen Weisselberg. Another longtime ally of President Trump has been granted immunity by prosecutors in exchange for testimony. The 70-year-old Weisselberg is no mere acquaintance: He has served for decades as chief financial officer and executive VP of the Trump Organization, reports... More »

Reports: Michael Cohen Strikes a Plea Deal

The big question is whether that means he's cooperating with Robert Mueller

(Newser) - Big news that surely will not please President Trump: His former "fixer," Michael Cohen, has struck a plea deal with prosecutors, reports ABC News and the New York Times . Other outlets don't go quite as far, saying that he's close to a deal, but all should... More »

Trump Worried Mueller Interview Will Be a Perjury Trap

He says it could be his word against Comey's

(Newser) - President Trump still hasn't confirmed whether he plans to speak to special counsel Robert Mueller—but he did speak to Reuters to outline his concerns about a potential interview, describing it as a possible "perjury trap." Trump said he worries that it could work against him if... More »

Report: Michael Cohen May Be Charged With Major Fraud

Charges could be filed within days, sources say

(Newser) - President Trump's former right-hand man may soon be charged with fraud involving well over $20 million in loans, sources tell the New York Times . The insiders, including a banker who reviewed the transactions, say federal investigators are looking into whether Michael Cohen and taxi businesses owned by his family... More »

Giuliani: 'Truth Isn't Truth'

And more around the Sunday talk show dial

(Newser) - There's a reason President Trump hasn't sat down yet for an interview with Robert Mueller, says Rudy Giuliani—and it's all about "truth." The president's personal lawyer in the Russia probe dueled with anchor Chuck Todd over a clear definition of the word Sunday... More »

White House Counsel Has Spoken to Mueller for 30 Hours

Don McGahn has given special counsel insight into Comey firing, Trump attempts to fire Mueller: 'NYT'

(Newser) - "For a lawyer to share so much with investigators scrutinizing his client is unusual." But what makes it even more unusual is that the lawyer in question is White House counsel Don McGahn and his client is the president of the United States, The New York Times reports... More »

Nunes Talks About Protecting Trump on Leaked Audio

Rachel Maddow aired portions of the recordings, made at a closed-door fundraiser

(Newser) - "If Sessions won't unrecuse and Mueller won't clear the president, we're the only ones. Which is really the danger." That was just some of what House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes said in audio recorded at a private July 30 fundraiser in Spokane, Wash., and... More »

Trump's Lawyers Send Mueller a Counteroffer

Rudy Giuliani says negotiations should be over by Sept. 1

(Newser) - "This should be over by September 1st," said Rudy Giuliani in reference to negotiations over a possible interview between President Trump and special counsel Robert Mueller. "We have now given him an answer, he obviously he should take a few days to consider it, but we should... More »

Manafort's Right-Hand Man: I Stole From Manafort, Too

Rick Gates testifies against former partner

(Newser) - The star prosecution witness in the financial fraud trial of Paul Manafort testified Monday that he concealed millions of dollars in foreign bank accounts on Manafort's behalf and falsified documents to help his former boss obtain millions of dollars more in bank loans. Rick Gates also admitted he embezzled... More »

Trump's Worry: That Jr. Accidentally Broke Law

Sources say worry for son has been driving stepped-up rhetoric against Mueller

(Newser) - If President Trump has seemed to step up the rhetoric against Robert Mueller's investigation lately, sources say it's because he's worried the inquiry could hit close to home: Specifically, his son, Don Jr., reports the Washington Post . The president is worried that his son might have exposure... More »

Trump Team Plays Up Use of Word 'Should' in Tweet

Giuliani says Trump didn't tweet that Sessions 'must' stop Mueller probe

(Newser) - President Trump has had plenty to say on Twitter about Attorney General Jeff Sessions; on Wednesday, he had something to say to him. "..This is a terrible situation and Attorney General Jeff Sessions should stop this Rigged Witch Hunt right now, before it continues to stain our country any... More »

Small World: Trump Jr. and Mueller at Same Airport Gate

Photo catches them both at DC airport

(Newser) - The AP doesn't have the photo, so we can't show it to you here, but it's worth a click over to Politico to check it out. It captures none other than Robert Mueller and Donald Trump Jr. waiting at the same gate Friday morning at Reagan National... More »

Cohen's New Allegation Comes With One Big 'If'

It's his word against Trump's, unless Mueller can corroborate

(Newser) - CNN and NBC came out with a potentially big story Thursday night, reporting that Michael Cohen says Donald Trump was fully aware of the infamous meeting between Russians and some of Trump's closest advisers ahead of the election. On Friday, the president himself emphatically denied the allegation made... More »

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