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White House Rickrolls Twitter Followers

Links to Rick Astley feed in official tweet

(Newser) - OK, so they may be a year or two (or three) late from the peak of the trend, but the White House Twitter feed got in a little "rickrolling" action today. In response to this tweet from someone complaining that the press briefing was a little dull, the White... More »

Oregon Legislators Rickroll Colleagues

April Fool's Day prank goes viral

(Newser) - From Oregon, a lesson in April Fool's Day pranks, viral videos ... and bipartisanship: A group of 12 state lawmakers managed to "Rickroll" their colleagues last year, by slipping the lyrics to Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" into speeches they made on the House floor.... More »

12 Legendary April Fool's Pranks

Big Ben going digital? Switzerland harvesting spaghetti?

(Newser) - As you prepare whatever April Fools' Day prank you have in mind for your loved ones, take a look back at 12 classic jokes, courtesy of the Daily Beast :
  • Swiss spaghetti harvest: In 1957, the BBC aired a serious-sounding report on Switzerland’s bumper crop of pasta; hundreds fell for
... More »

'Singer Worm' Hits iPhones

Wallpaper switched in first virus to hit popular phones

(Newser) - The first virus to hit iPhones is substituting users' wallpaper with a portrait of 80's pop star Rick Astley and the warning: "Ikee is never going to give you up." The virus isn't harming anything else, but observers say it's a warning that hackers have learned how to... More »

Pols Invade YouTube ... Badly

Congress' channel filled with awkward clips

(Newser) - Congress got its own YouTube channel 2 months ago, allowing politicians to beef up contact with voters—but instead they're just floundering, the Daily Telegraph reports. Clips seem more awkward than anything else, analysts say. Many lawmakers ramble too long in speeches; other videos are just plain weird, like Nancy... More »

Web Trick Revives Rick Astley

Internet jokesters link to hit '80s video

(Newser) - We’re never gonna give him up, even if we want to: ’80s pop sensation Rick Astley is an icon again thanks to “rickrolling,” the practice of tricking Internet users into watching a video of his hit “Never Gonna Give You Up.”  18 million... More »

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