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Love Vanilla? That's the Smell of Beaver Butt

An anal secretion is used to flavor foods, perfumes

(Newser) - Like vanilla ice cream? Don't read this—because the smell of a beaver's butt is key to at least some vanilla flavoring, Time reports. More specifically, beavers like to mark their territory with a musky, vanilla compound located in sacs between the pelvis and the base of the... More »

Rebels Storm Gadhafi Compound

Celebration ensues as fighting continues

(Newser) - Hundreds of rebels have stormed Moammar Gadhafi’s compound today, busting open its gates and pouring in, some riding golf carts, according to an AP reporter. They celebrated their success with gunfire; the head of a statue was pulled off as one rebel climbed atop another iconic structure: a giant... More »

Kidnapped Girl Had First Child at 14; Kept in Backyard Shed

Jaycee Lee Dugard, two daughters with Phillip Garrido 'kept in complete isolation'

(Newser) - Jaycee Lee Dugard, the California girl abducted in 1991 at age 11 and found alive yesterday, gave birth to her first child at age 14, BNO News reports. Abductor Phillip Garrido, 58, admitted to fathering two girls, now 15 and 11, with Dugard; she and the children were kept hidden... More »

Kids Removed From Doomsday Compound

Claims of abuse by 'messiah'

(Newser) - Police in New Mexico have removed three children from the compound of an apocalyptic church, AP reports. The action followed allegations of inappropriate contact by the 66-year-old leader of Lord Our Righteousness church, who believes he's the "messiah," and has admitting having sex with adult church members, including... More »

Police Fear Stonewall by Polygamist Settlers

Faithful see government as 'devil'

(Newser) - Warren Jeffs' hand-picked, devoted settlers may refuse to testify against his polygamist compound in Texas, officials fear—making it tough to win cases of suspected child abuse. "All these girls are taught from the cradle not to trust anybody from the outside—especially the government," Utah's attorney general... More »

5 Stories