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Calif. Court Won't Dismiss Polanski Case

Misconduct by original judge not sufficient to throw out charges

(Newser) - A California appeals court won't drop the statutory rape case against Roman Polanski on the basis of alleged judicial misconduct. A 70-page opinion issued today acknowledged the " extremely serious allegations " the fugitive director's raised about alleged misconduct by the judge who first handled the case in 1977. Polanksi... More »

Your Polanski Case FAQ

Including the big one—why now?

(Newser) - Scratching your head over this Roman Polanski business? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here are some common questions and answers, courtesy of Slate:
  • Why didn’t the French ever arrest the guy? Born in Paris, he's one of their own. France doesn’t have to extradite its
... More »

Polanski Taunt Brought DA Down on Him

Director's lawyers said prosecutors weren't trying to catch him

(Newser) - Roman Polanski may have his own lawyers to thank for his current predicament. This summer, in an attempt to get the charges against the director dropped, they told an appellate court that prosecutors weren’t actually trying to catch him, because they were afraid to face old misconduct allegations. That... More »

In Stevens Case, Justice Was Served After All

Ruling in court of public opinion trumps court of law's dismissal

(Newser) - Ted Stevens and his lawyers were awfully indignant yesterday for a crew that had just won. “You’d think there would be jubilation,” said Stevens’ attorney. Instead, “it was revulsion, revulsion turned to anger,” Brendan Sullivan raged. Stevens himself lamented that “consequences…can never be... More »

Stevens Not Likely to Recover Legacy

Senator unlikely to restore reputation

(Newser) - Legally, Ted Stevens is off the hook. But it's unlikely he'll be able to regain his stature, or the Senate honors he might otherwise have been afforded, Laurie Kellman writes for the AP. His peers were notably restrained in response to yesterday's news that Justice is likely to void the... More »

Mom Hatches Sexy Plan to Free Convicted Son

46-year-old woos juror into confession

(Newser) - A Brooklyn mother's bid to have her son's murder conviction overturned reads like a Hollywood script. The married 46-year-old got a makeover, hit the gym, rented an apartment under an alias, then strutted around a juror's neighborhood in six-inch heels and a push-up bra. She taped their flirtatious encounters and... More »

'I Have Not Been Convicted of Anything': Stevens

Nonetheless, Alaska senators plans appeal of last week's verdict in DC

(Newser) - Ted Stevens said he had “not been convicted of anything,” during a debate last night with the Democratic challenger to his Alaska Senate seat, Politico reports—despite being convicted Monday on corruption charges. The 84-year old Republican alleges prosecutorial misconduct and plans an appeal, though top GOP figures—... More »

Duke DA Faces Ethics Charges

Nifong withheld evidence that could have exonerated three lacrosse players

(Newser) - North Carolina DA Mike Nifong, who spearheaded the rape and kidnapping case against three Duke lacrosse players, now faces his own set of charges for withholding evidence, making inappropriate public comments about the case, and lying to a judge and state bar investigators. His trial in front of a disciplinary... More »

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