Prado Museum

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'Sister' Mona Lisa Found

Experts believe copy was painted by artist working alongside da Vinci

(Newser) - A stunning art find means that we can now see what Mona Lisa really looked like, say experts at Madrid's Prado Museum. The museum's researchers found that a painting in its vaults long thought to have been just one of dozens of replicas of Leonardo da Vinci's... More »

Classic Painting May Not Be Goya's

Colossus pulled at last minute from Prado exhibition

(Newser) - Madrid's Prado Museum tomorrow opens a major exhibition, Goya in Times of War, but while the show will contain many of the master's most famous paintings from the Napoleonic invasion, his major 1808 work The Colossus has been withdrawn. The reason? After two centuries, art historians say the work might... More »

2 Stories