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10 Best Big US Cities to Launch a Business

Oklahoma City is first on the list

(Newser) - If you've got the entrepreneurial itch and are on the hunt for the best place to jump-start a business, WalletHub has some insights. The site pulled out more than 180 large US cities and looked at 19 key metrics for each in three main categories: business environment, including the... More »

Confederate Statue Toppled in North Carolina

No arrests made after Durham statue pulled down

(Newser) - Protesters gathered in North Carolina tore down a 97-year-old Confederate statue in front of a cheering crowd of more than 100 people Monday. Activists used a ladder to put a rope around the statue's neck before a group of people pulled it to the ground, the News & Observer... More »

People Can't Stop Watching Trucks Crash Into This Bridge

North Carolina underpass notorious for shaving tops off trucks

(Newser) - There are signs and warning lights that flash. But, still, box trucks, campers, and other tall vehicles keep taking on the notoriously low railroad bridge at Peabody and Gregson streets in Durham, NC. And they keep losing. The bridge has shaved the tops off of more than 100 vehicles since... More »

Girl Thrown in Pond Dies; More Charges Loom for Dad

Alan Lassiter already charged with trying to drown his 3 kids

(Newser) - The North Carolina man accused of trying to drown his children faces new charges after his 3-year-old daughter died yesterday, three days after police say Alan Tysheen Eugene Lassiter tried to drown her and her sister in an apartment complex pond. Authorities have not released the girl's name. The... More »

Cop: We Lie About 911 Calls to Make Arrests

North Carolina officer admits to using tactic

(Newser) - The police chief in Durham, North Carolina, has warned officers to stop lying about fake 911 calls in order to enter people's homes and make arrests, Opposing Views reports. The tactic came up during a court hearing in May when an officer admitted to doing it. Officer AB Beck... More »

America's Smartest Cities

Sin City might want to rename itself Not-So-Bright City

(Newser) - Sure, we usually take into account jobs, culture, climate, affordability, and a host of other data when moving to another place, but do you really want to be surrounded by a city full of blithering idiots? The Daily Beast crunches the numbers and comes up with the smartest cities in... More »

Smartest Cities in America

Boulder, Durham, DC trump Ivy stronghold Boston

(Newser) - The number-one brainiest city in America is a university town that major science research centers have made home and whose tech-friendly business culture draws start-ups: Boulder, Colo. Writing in the Daily Beast , Richard Florida ranks the country's 20 brainiest metro areas, as determined by things like number of adults with... More »

Madoff Injured by Falling Out of Bed: Source

Ponzi schemer has facial fractures; lawyer blames dizziness

(Newser) - Bernie Madoff has been receiving medical care for injuries suffered when he fell out of bed and apparently landed on his face. The Ponzi schemer was taken to Duke University Medical Center in Durham on Friday and treated for multiple facial fractures, broken ribs, and a collapsed lung, sources tell... More »

Dad Saves Toddler Sucked Into Storm Drain

Girl was carried 230 feet through pipe into river swollen with floodwater

(Newser) - Emergency workers are praising the "incredibly quick thinking" of a British man who saved his 3-year-old daughter from drowning yesterday after she was sucked into a storm drain with her dog, the Guardian reports. Royal Air Force sergeant Mark Baxter raced to a river just in time to save... More »

Silicon Valley, Big Apple, DC Remain Top US 'Cybercities'

51 of 60 major metro areas found by industry survey to have added tech jobs

(Newser) - Silicon Valley, New York, and Washington, DC, still have the most tech workers among US metro areas, a new report shows. New York has the most techies, but when San Francisco and the greater Bay Area are combined with Silicon Valley, it tops the list, MarketWatch notes. The Valley is... More »

Police Charge 2 in UNC Murder

Chapel Hill cops make first arrest, second is underway

(Newser) - Police in North Carolina have charged two men with the murder of a UNC student whose death drew national attention, the AP reports. One suspect, a 21-year-old, is in custody while the other, a 17-year-old, remains at large. Eve Carson, student body president at UNC-Chapel Hill, was found shot to... More »

Lax Players Sue Duke Over Rape Case

City, school blamed for stressing 38 uncharged teammates

(Newser) - Thirty-eight former Duke lacrosse players are firing back at the North Carolina school and the city of Durham, suing for emotional distress resulting from the later-dropped rape case against three teammates, the AP reports. Players say the school ignored or suppressed evidence in their favor and let them face consequences... More »

Duke Lacrosse Players Slap Ex-DA, City With Suit

Conspiracy alleged to prolong rape case

(Newser) - Three former Duke lacrosse players cleared of rape charges after the prosecution's case imploded are suing disgraced former DA Mike Nifong and employees of Durham, NC, in federal court. The three seek unspecified damages, remuneration for legal fees and reforms to Durham's investigative procedures, the AP reports. A spokeswoman said... More »

Nifong Begins 1-Day Jail Sentence

DA in Duke lacrosse rape case reports to Durham lockup

(Newser) - Surrounded by a small crowd of supporters, ex-DA Mike Nifong entered the Durham County jail at 9 this morning to begin his 24-hour sentence. Nifong was found guilty last week of willfully deceiving the court. He declined to comment to reporters, the News & Observer reports, only locking hands with... More »

Duke Prosecutor Will Do One Day Behind Bars

Nifong sentenced to 24 hours for lying about evidence

(Newser) - Mike Nifong, the disgraced district attorney in the Duke rape case, will spend a night in jail for contempt of court, a Durham, NC, judge ruled yesterday. The judge concluded that Nifong, who has already been disbarred, "willfully" withheld DNA evidence that exonerated three lacrosse players accused of raping... More »

Nifong Pleads Not Guilty to Contempt

Lawyer says ex-DA's statements weren't 'willful, purposeful lies'

(Newser) - In the same Durham courtroom where he once prosecuted accused criminals, Mike Nifong pleaded not guilty today to contempt charges stemming from his handling of the Duke rape case. Nifong’s judge accused the disgraced DA of lying to him last September about a DNA report that could have benefited... More »

Duke Settles With Lacrosse Players

University hopes to 'eliminate possibility' of future lawsuits

(Newser) - Duke University has reached a settlement with the three lacrosse players falsely accused of rape last year. Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty, and Dave Evans, who were suspended last year, will receive an undisclosed amount from the university, which admitted with surprising directness that the deal is intended to close the... More »

Nifong Disbarred

(Newser) - North Carolina's Disciplinary Hearing Commission found that Durham County prosecutor Mike Nifong intentionally and repeatedly lied in prosecuting three Duke University lacrosse players for rape.  Nifong gave up his law license minutes later.  Nifong now likley faces civil law suits by the men he wrongly prosecuted.  More »

Duke Prosecutor to Resign

Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong breaks down at his own ethics trial

(Newser) - Mike Nifong broke down in tears on the stand at his ethics trial yesterday as he announced his intention to resign as Durham DA. Admitting that he got "carried away" in the case against the three "innocent" Duke University lacrosse players he prosecuted for rape, Nifong apologized to... More »

Defense Lawyer: Duke Prosecutor Hid Crucial DNA

Explosive testimony rocks prosecutor's misconduct trial

(Newser) - Mike Nifong withheld key DNA evidence from defense attorneys, a lawyer for one of the accused Duke lacrosse players testified yesterday in the disgraced DA's misconduct hearing. Bradley Bannon told the State Bar panel he was "bewildered" to find lab results favorable to his clients after Nifong had repeatedly... More »

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