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DNA Tests Nab Poop-Scoop Scofflaws

Apartment buildings require dog DNA samples for tracking

(Newser) - Here's the scoop: Some apartment complexes are using DNA testing on dog doo to find out who's not cleaning up after their pets. A new complex in New Hampshire, for example, is requiring residents to submit samples from their dogs so DNA profiles can be put on file.... More »

Woman Busted for Dumping Dog Poop on Lawn

30 gallons worth, to punish deadbeat client

(Newser) - Melinda Hofmann has a literally crappy job: People pay her to clean up after their dogs. So when one of her clients missed several payments, she kind of lost it. “I just decided to give her poop back,” she tells KTVZ.com . “I kind of lost all... More »

Poop Scoopers Rake It In

'Waste specialists' see increasing profits with a business 'always picking up'

(Newser) - The economy might be slowing, but one man's poop-scooping business is, well, piling up. A sixth sense for sniffing out the goods is earning Ron Johnson's Poo-B-Gone $75,000 yearly, the Chicago Tribune reports. Pet owners who are too busy or grossed-out to handle their dogs' waste pay up to... More »

3 Stories