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GOP's Latino Jam: 'Angry White Guys'

Amnesty offer could split GOP in two: Patrik Jonsson

(Newser) - Republicans have a serious Latino-voter problem, and fixing it could spark a painful public debate that wrenches the party in two, writes Patrik Jonsson at the Christian Science Monitor . Latinos played a big role in reelecting President Obama, comprising 10% of voters and backing him by 71%. But if the... More »

US Military to Finally Release AP Photog

'Suspect' imprisoned two years in Iraq without charges

(Newser) - A Pulitzer Prize-winning AP photographer detained in Iraq for two years will finally be released tomorrow, the US military has announced. Bilal Hussein, 36, was held on suspicion of having links to insurgents but was never brought to trial, and the military has now determined he's not a threat to... More »

2 Stories