Julia Allison

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Julia Allison Is More Famous Than You

How the Internet's It Girl became a celebrity for being a celebrity

(Newser) - Julia Allison is famous, although her only discernible talent is self-promotion. Wired traces just how the online celebrity—nominally a journalist, but known mainly for documenting her every waking moment—climbed her way to the top of the buzz heap: by making an impression, keeping her fans interested, then branching... More »

You Hate Me, You Really Hate Me!

The web's 10 most despised people

(Newser) - Critics in cyberspace can stay incognito, which makes them especially nasty. Radar lists the 10 most-scorned players on the web:
  1. Lori Drew: Her comments on a MySpace account drove a 13-year-old girl to suicide.
  2. John Fitzgerald Page: An online dater whose cruel remarks got world-wide coverage.
  3. Julia Allison: A sassy
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2 Stories