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Tax Day Argument: Let the IRS Do Our Taxes

Advocates push 'return-free filing' as a way to simplify a painful process

(Newser) - With "tax day" upon us, critics of the current filing system are staking out their usual ground and calling for reform. One of the big alternatives being pushed is "return-free filing," which, advocates say, would simplify a system that's needlessly painful and complicated. As Farhad Manjoo... More »

Facebook Wouldn't Get in on Apple-Google Hiring Cabal

Top tech firms allegedly agreed not to poach talent

(Newser) - Facebook refused to join an anti-labor conspiracy that included Apple, Google, Intel, and Adobe, according to newly released documents in a $3 billion lawsuit against the allegedly colluding tech giants. According to the suit, the companies' top executives agreed to suppress wages and avoid poaching each other's talent from... More »

TurboTax Tricks People Into Fighting Free Tax Prep

Lobbyist with ties to software maker plants stories with community leaders: ProPublica

(Newser) - It sounds like an uncontroversial proposal: The IRS could set up a simple, optional, online tax tool, filling out your forms automatically using info the government has on file. Yet over the past year, community leaders have been coming out of the woodwork against such a thing. Rabbi Elliot Dorff,... More »

Now You Can File Taxes by iPhone

1040EZ filers can use Snap Tax app on mobile phones

(Newser) - Filers with uncomplicated taxes can take care of business in a matter of minutes—by smartphone, of course. Intuit's $15 Snap Tax app works on iPhones and Android phones by taking a photo of the filer's W-2, then using that data to fill out the form, explains the New York ... More »

Online Wiz, 29, Sells Firm for $170M

Aaron Patzer makes a mint when Intuit buys his finance site

(Newser) - Aaron Patzer recently joined the ranks of America's under-30 tech multi-millionaires when rival firm Intuit snapped up his online personal finance tool for $170 million. "It was a jaw-dropping moment" when Intuit—which is transferring its 43 million Quicken users to Mint—made the offer, Patzer tells... More »

TurboTax Tries to Avoid '07 Filing Nightmare

No error messages this time around, Intuit promises

(Newser) - It’s April 15 again, and perhaps nobody has their fingers crossed quite like Intuit software. A year ago 170,000 people rushed to file last-minute tax returns online through TurboTax… only to get an error message, delaying their filings for up to 13 hours. This year, Intuit’s done... More »

6 Stories