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Karzai Government Slams 'Premature' Election Results

Could just be a move to influence results from a final, lingering province

(Newser) - The results are in and the government of President Hamid Karzai is none too pleased: As the United Nations stepped up to endorse Afghanistan's long-awaited parliamentary election results yesterday, Karzai's government promised to challenge the outcome. The New York Times reports that Karzai can count on about 100 of the... More »

Guinea Declares Emergency Amid Election Riots

Military forbids people to gather in the streets

(Newser) - Guinea's military declared a state of emergency today, after violence followed a tense presidential election. The decree prohibits civilians from circulating on the streets, the head of the armed forces said in a televised decree. Only military and security forces will have unrestricted movement, he said, offering no further details.... More »

UN Official Denies Cover Up in Afghan Vote

Recount will rectify fraud, says head of mission in troubled nation

(Newser) - The head of the UN mission in Afghanistan is denying that he helped cover up vote-rigging in the disputed Afghan election, refuting charges made by a top US diplomat. In a rare press conference, Kai Eide also said a partial recount being conducted by a UN-backed election panel would root... More »

Karzai Widens Lead in New Poll Returns

He's up 45% to 35%, but only 17% of votes have been counted

(Newser) - President Hamid Karzai extended his lead over his top challenger in Afghanistan's presidential election, but he remained short of the 50% threshold that would allow him to avoid a two-man runoff. With only 17% of the vote counted, Karzai has 44.8%, while Abdullah Abdullah has 35.1%. The count... More »

Council Asks Ayatollah to Extend Iran Election Probe

(Newser) - The top body investigating the results of the recent election is asking Iran’s supreme leader to give it more time to clear up any and all “ambiguities,” Reuters reports. “We are urging you to allow us to extend the deadline to receive further complaints five more... More »

Brown Survives Party Revolt

(Newser) - British PM Gordon Brown survived a rowdy party meeting today despite Labour’s dismal election results and a backbencher uprising, the Guardian reports. 16 Labour parliamentarians spoke in defense of Brown and five called for his resignation in the wake of a high-profile financial scandal. “You solve the problem... More »

Franken Sees End Near in Minn. Senate Dispute

Candidate optimistic in meeting with Democratic senators

(Newser) - Al Franken sees “a light at the end of the tunnel” in the legal dispute between him and Republican Norm Coleman over a Minnesota Senate seat, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reports. Franken expects to win the current election trial, but believes Coleman will appeal to the Minnesota Supreme Court. Franken... More »

Minn. Battle Has Nothing on '74-75 Marathon

Dem Durkin finally won NH Senate seat after revote 10 months later

(Newser) - The vitriolic standoff between Al Franken and Norm Coleman in the Minnesota Senate race—headed for a recount, then likely the courts and possibly the Senate—could take many months to resolve, judging from a precedent in New Hampshire 34 years ago, reports the Minneapolis Star Tribune. That fight, after... More »

Your Hour-by-Hour Guide to Election Night

What to watch for as the clock ticks on

(Newser) - Tonight’s election promises to end before bedtime, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be drama. Nate Silver breaks down which polls close when, and what to watch for.
  • 6pm: Indiana and Kentucky: Usually these get called red right away, but this year Indiana is a toss-up.
  • 7pm:
... More »

Obama Wins First Town's Vote

New Hampshire village votes Democratic for first time in 40 years

(Newser) - Barack Obama has won a landslide victory in the first town in America to vote, AP reports. The 21 registered voters of New Hampshire's Dixville Notch hit the polls shortly after the stroke of midnight and chose Obama over John McCain 15 to 6. It is the first time the... More »

Hints at Winner May Come Early Tomorrow Night

Victory, or close loss, in Indiana would bode well for Obama

(Newser) - What happens early tomorrow night may hint at the final outcome, John Whitesides notes for Reuters. A victory, or close loss, in Indiana—where polls close at 6pm EST and which has gone Republican in every presidential race since 1964—would presage good things for Barack Obama; if John McCain... More »

'Clinton Wins!' And Other Might Have Beens

(Newser) - Reporters are already writing up advance analyses of how each of the two presidential candidates achieved victory next Tuesday—to be ready for either outcome. Slate has a little fun imagining some of the other scenarios that might have played out:
  • Hillary Clinton claimed a historic win after John McCain's
... More »

Riots Imperil Democracy in Mongolia

Government crackdown worries citizens in region's freest state

(Newser) - Last week hundreds of drunken rioters in Mongolia's capital vented their frustration at parliamentary elections by smashing the headquarters of the ruling party, killing five people. The violence shocked many in this peaceful, democratic nation. But many Mongolians were equally shocked by the government's reaction: a four-day state of emergency,... More »

Mugabe Is Sworn In

Won 85% of uncontested vote; Tsvangirai asks AU to denounce election

(Newser) - Robert Mugabe was sworn in today for another 5 years as president of Zimbabwe, after the electoral commission declared him the winner with 85% of the vote in an uncontested but controversial race. Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who withdrew his candidacy last week over concerns of increasing violence, says he... More »

Leaked Results Show Runoff Needed in Zimbabwe

Sources say Tsvangirai has 47%-43% edge

(Newser) - The opposition did indeed win last month’s presidential election in Zimbabwe, senior government sources tell Reuters, though not by enough to avoid a run-off second round. Morgan Tsvangirai won 47% of the vote to incumbent Robert Mugabe’s 43%, numbers that are in line with the claims by Mugabe's... More »

US Envoy: 'Tsvangirai Won'

Diplomat condemns Zimbabwe violence, but hints at 'political solution'

(Newser) - After more than three weeks in which Robert Mugabe has failed to hand over results from Zimbabwe’s presidential election, a top US diplomat for Africa came out in support of his challenger today, the AP reports. “Morgan Tsvangirai won, and perhaps outright,” Jendayi Frazer said in South... More »

Zimbabwe Strike Fizzles

Opposition party's 'stay away' strategy fails to force release of election results

(Newser) - A strike Zimbabwe's opposition party called in hopes of forcing the release of election results mostly fizzled today, reports the AFP. Businesses remained open, and the heavy security presence the government prepped in anticipation was eased during the day. Said a merchant who wants the results released but opened his... More »

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