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Congo's M23 Rebels Pull Out of 2 Towns

They're holding on to Goma

(Newser) - Just a day after saying they would fight the Democratic Republic of Congo's government to maintain control over three towns captured in a blitzkreig last week, Congo's M23 rebels announced today that they are pulling out of Sake and Masisi, reports Reuters . The pullout was brokered by Uganda,... More »

Thousands Flee as Congo Ceasefire Fails

Heads of state meet as army, rebels kill dozens

(Newser) - The ceasefire in eastern Congo crumbled yesterday as Tutsi rebels and Hutu militias did battle, leaving dozens of bodies lying in the streets of a town near the Rwandan border and forcing 35,000 residents to flee, the Guardian reports. Hutu residents have accused the rebel army of Laurent Nkunda... More »

Ceasefire Calms Congo

10 dead as fleeing refugees run into brutal government soldiers

(Newser) - Fighting in the Democratic Republic of Congo has eased after rebels declared a cease-fire, reports the Los Angeles Times. As paramilitary forces moved through the countryside, refugees flooded into the eastern city of Goma—only to face assault, rape and murder at the hands of the Congolese army. UN officials... More »

UN Pleads for Troops as Congo Battle Rages

Peacekeepers overwhelmed as rebels advance against government troops

(Newser) - The overwhelmed United Nations peacekeeping force in eastern Congo is urgently calling for reinforcements, the AP reports. A surge in fighting between Congolese government troops and forces led by a renegade general has sent tens of thousands fleeing. The UN currently has only 6,000 troops in North Kivu, where... More »

Congo Plane Crash Kills 75

(Newser) - A Congolese jetliner carrying around 85 people failed to take off today from an airport in Goma, crashing at high speed into a busy market neighborhood at the end of the runway. Local officials said dozens of bodies—as many as 75 people—were pulled from the wreckage. More »

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