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Iran Convicts Reuters Chief in 'Ninja' Row

Sentence to be handed down this week

(Newser) - A special Tehran "media court" has found a Reuters bureau chief guilty of "spreading lies" in a "ninja" video. The film initially included a headline, soon changed, that said female martial arts experts were training to be assassins. They were apparently ninjas, but not assassins . Operations at... More »

'Ninjas' Shock Filmgoers Into Shutting Up

Prince Charles Cinema in London brings in black-clad patrol

(Newser) - Next time you're chatting at the movies, don't be alarmed if ninjas—or people in dark body suits, anyway—swoop in out of nowhere. So far only the Prince Charles Cinema in London has brought in volunteer "ninjas" to enforce rules against chatting, seat-kicking, popcorn-throwing, etc, Slashfilm... More »

Aussie Ninjas Foil Mugging

Ninjitsu class interrupts attack outside martial arts school

(Newser) - A gang of would-be muggers picked the worst dark alley in Sydney to attack their victim—right outside the gates of a ninja school. A student at the Japanese martial arts school saw the attack and raised the alarm. The attackers hotfooted it as five black-clad ninjas ran out, the... More »

Police Nab 'Ninja' in Italy

Black-cloaked, bow-wielding bandit preyed on farmers 14th-century-style

(Newser) - A weeks-long manhunt in northern Italy for an elusive "ninja"-styled thief ended yesterday after cops pursued the robber as he fled through cornfields on a bicycle, the BBC reports. The culprit, his head wrapped in a black bandanna, had stolen onto several isolated farms at night and robbed... More »

4 Stories