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Boy's Diet of Pork, Cheerios Nearly Made Him Go Blind

He got too little vitamin A from his ultra-strict eating habits

(Newser) - You really should eat your carrots. And kale. The parents of an 11-year-old boy in Canada learned that the hard way after doctors solved the mystery behind their son's serious vision loss. Toronto doctors who examined the boy spotted a buildup of Bitot's spots on his corneas, Live... More »

Woman Loses Vision After Weight-Loss Surgery

Not to mention severe pain and lesions on her eyes

(Newser) - After a Texas woman had gastrointestinal surgery, she lost weight as expected—but she also lost her vision. According to a study published last week in JAMA Ophthalmology, the woman in her 40s started complaining of deteriorating vision, eye pain, and lesions on her eyes. Study author Kyle Kirkland tells... More »

Cereal Problem: Kids Are Getting Too Many Vitamins

Too much vitamin A, zinc, niacin can cause problems

(Newser) - We're told to get our vitamins—but there's a line when enough is enough, and when kids eat fortified breakfast cereal, they may be crossing that line, USA Today reports. "Millions of children are ingesting potentially unhealthy amounts" of three nutrients: vitamin A, zinc, and niacin, per... More »

Scientists Ready to Test 'Super Banana' on Humans

Fruit could save lives through vitamin A

(Newser) - Vitamin A deficiency kills hundreds of thousands of children worldwide; hundreds of thousands more go blind, says a researcher. That's why his team has developed a "super banana" it aims to grow in Uganda by 2020. Cooking bananas are an East African staple, so Prof. James Dale and... More »

Vitamin A May Fight Skin Cancer: Study

Supplement pills reduced risk, particularly in women

(Newser) - If you're worried about getting skin cancer, maybe some vitamin A supplements are in order; a new study has shown that people taking them were 60% less likely to develop melanoma. The study, which was published today in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, followed 59,000 people for six... More »

All Praise the Lowly Sweet Potato

High-tech version could save countless lives in Africa: Nicholas Kristof

(Newser) - As you take a seat at the table tonight and give thanks for the bounty, give a special nod to the pecan- and sugar-encrusted sweet potatoes sitting before you. In a "happy column about hunger," Nicholas Kristof declares the Thanksgiving staple a true hero. Writing for the New ... More »

Sunscreen May Promote Skin Cancer Growth

Because many products contain vitamin A

(Newser) - Sunscreen may not be the great protector it's cracked up to be: A study of 500 of the most popular sunscreen products found that nearly half may actually promote the growth of skin cancer. That's because they contain some form of vitamin A, which may accelerate the rate at which... More »

New Super-Corn Packs Multi-Vitamins

Transgenic crop has increased amounts of beta carotene, folate and vitamin C

(Newser) - Scientists have genetically engineered a strain of corn that dramatically boosts the naturally occurring amounts of three critical vitamins, the Los Angeles Times reports. The enhanced strain of African white corn produces six times the vitamin C, double the amount of folate, and 169 times the beta carotene, a vitamin... More »

Vitamins Can Kill, Warns Shocking New Study

'No benefit' found in antioxidants

(Newser) - Antioxidant vitamin supplements do not improve health or prevent disease—and may even cause death, according to new research. In a stunning blow to millions who take vitamins, a review of 67 studies involving 230,000 users showed "no convincing evidence" that antioxidants had any benefit, and linked vitamin... More »

9 Stories