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Jumanji Stays No. 1 With $27M

The Post came in second and The Commuter was third

(Newser) - Meryl Streep, Liam Neeson, Paddington the bear, and Taraji P. Henson all rushed into movie theaters over Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, but Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle roared the loudest with an estimated $27 million in ticket sales. According to studio estimates Sunday, Jumanji easily remained the No. 1... More »

Neeson: Allegations Against Hoffman Are 'Childhood Stuff'

He calls sexual misconduct allegations in Hollywood 'a bit of a witch hunt'

(Newser) - Echoing sentiments shared by French actress Catherine Deneuve earlier this week, Liam Neeson on Friday called sexual misconduct allegations in Hollywood "a bit of a witch hunt," the Guardian reports. The actor, during an interview on Ireland's The Late Late Show, used Garrison Keillor and Dustin Hoffman... More »

F-Bombs Abound in Hawking Charity Skit

Gordon Ramsey is only partly to blame

(Newser) - At long last, Stephen Hawking has regained a British accent—sort of. In a Comic Relief skit for charity, Hawking explains he's bored of his computer-generated voice and is reviewing audition tapes from celebrities who might do as well. But he's not at all pleased with the applicants.... More »

Hollywood's 6 Most Overpaid Actors

Mordecai was maybe not such a great idea

(Newser) - Hollywood's leading men command huge paychecks to star in would-be blockbusters. But some are "established male leads who charge top dollar but don’t always deliver at the ticket booth," and Forbes released its annual list of Hollywood's most overpaid actors on Tuesday. It's based... More »

8 Stars Who Voiced Video Game Characters

If you thought that character sounded familiar, you were probably right

(Newser) - "That voice sounds familiar..." If you've ever found yourself saying that while playing a video game, well, check out ETOnline 's list of 19 celebrities who've lent their voices to game characters. A sampling:
  • Emma Stone: Amanda Cartwright in Sleeping Dogs.
  • Kristen Bell: Lucy in
... More »

Liam Neeson's Nephew Suffers Life-Threatening Head Injury

Accident comes 5 years after death of wife Natasha Richardson

(Newser) - Five years after his wife suffered a fatal head injury in a skiing accident, Liam Neeson is dealing with a similar family trauma, reports the Daily Mail . The actor's 31-year-old nephew, Ronan Sexton, fell 20 feet from a telephone box onto the pavement in East Sussex, Britain, and is... More »

11 Surprising Celebrity Couples

Yep, they really dated

(Newser) - "Wait... they were together?" That's the reaction you'll probably have to the long list of surprising celebrity couples rounded up by ETOnline , including:
  • Sofia Coppola and Keanu Reeves: Dated in 1992 after Coppola's famous director father worked with Reeves on Bram Stoker's Dracula.
  • Kathy Griffin
... More »

13 Celebs Who Are in the Mile-High Club

Latest to admit it: Chrissy Teigen, Miranda Kerr

(Newser) - Model Chrissy Teigen gave a little TMI to Cosmopolitan in the June issue, revealing that she and hubby John Legend once had sex on an airplane. "We were on our way to Thailand to see my parents, flying commercial first-class," she says. "We were under a blanket.... More »

Dunham's SNL Gets Naked, Spoofs Girls

Host does 'fine,' episode has some memorable sketches

(Newser) - Lena Dunham took to the stage of Saturday Night Live last night, working her way through an Opening Monologue interrupted by castmembers oversharing about their sex lives, and spoofing Girls with a Garden-of-Eden themed movie. "Can you please not apple shame me right now?" Dunham's Eve asks God.... More »

Non-Stop Is Boring, Implausible

Critics divided on Liam Neeson's mid-air mystery

(Newser) - Liam Neeson's improbable late-career resurgence as an action star continues this weekend with Non-Stop, a thriller in which Neeson plays an air marshal attempting to find a killer mid-flight. Critics are lukewarm on it; many enjoyed Neeson's performance, but many also complained about the plot, and the ending... More »

Liam Neeson: Natasha's Death Still Not 'Real'

5 years on, actor says he still expects her to walk through the door

(Newser) - It's been nearly five years since Natasha Richardson died after a freak skiing accident , and last night Liam Neeson remembered his late wife on 60 Minutes . Highlights from the interview, per the Independent and Us :
  • Her death "was never real. It still kind of isn't," Neeson
... More »

8 Celeb Couples You Forgot All About

Or maybe didn't even know about in the first place

(Newser) - Ahh, the 1980s. Big hair, New Wave, lots of neon, and these 16 celebrity couples you probably forgot all about, as rounded up by MSN . A sampling:
  • Oprah Winfrey and Roger Ebert went out twice in the 1980s, and it was Ebert who encouraged Winfrey to syndicate her talk show.
... More »

Shocking Celeb Hookups

'Really? They dated?'

(Newser) - Chances are you were not shocked when Rihanna and Chris Brown got back together . But you may be surprised to hear that Marlee Matlin dated John Stamos back in the '80s. Such is the nature of the 161 (yes, really) surprising celebrity hookups rounded up by ET Online :
  • Before
... More »

Love, Actually Is Sexist Junk, Actually

Hugh Grant flick is ubiquitous but offensive: Mary Elizabeth Williams

(Newser) - Been channel-surfing this holiday season? Then you've had the chance to watch Love, Actually, a Hugh Grant favorite that's stuffed with romantic plot lines and a rosy view of London life. But Mary Elizabeth Williams is making a plea at Salon : Don't watch it. It's a... More »

Ben Affleck's Argo Can't Unseat the No. 1 Film

Liam Neeson wins again with 'Taken 2'

(Newser) - Liam Neeson edged Ben Affleck at the box office this weekend as Taken 2 banked $22.5 million and the Affleck-directed political thriller Argo debuted at $20.1 million, says the Hollywood Reporter . The micro-budgeted horror film Sinister ($18.3 million) beat expectations by taking third, followed by Hotel Transylvania ... More »

What Reviews? Taken 2 Kicks More Butt

Tim Burton's 3-D 'Frankenweenie' fizzles in fifth

(Newser) - Reviews notwithstanding , Taken 2 stomped the weekend box office with a $50 million bow—the best October opening ever for a PG-13 film, says the Hollywood Reporter. The Liam Neeson action-film sequel also shot up overseas competition by raking in $55 million more. Domestically, Hotel Transylvania ($27 million) slid... More »

Taken 2: Unintentional Parody of Original

But Liam Neeson still shines, say critics

(Newser) - Taken 2 doesn't hold up to its predecessor: While Liam Neeson is as impressive as usual in this kidnapping thriller, the plot is totally absurd. What critics are saying:
  • "There’s no need to wait for the MAD magazine parody of Taken 2. It’s already hilariously up
... More »

Battleship Redefines 'Stupid'

Taylor Kitsch stars in board game-turned-movie

(Newser) - It's got a cast full of hotshots and heartthrobs, from Taylor Kitsch to Rihanna to Liam Neeson, but Battleship is about as intellectually stimulating as its board game namesake. But despite the overwhelming critical vitriol, a few reviewers enjoyed it:
  • "This is the kind of summer movie that
... More »

10 Things Liam Neeson Should Punch

He's already punched so many things, but the possibilities are endless

(Newser) - Liam Neeson used to star in movies that can best be described as "fancy-pants," notes Linda Holmes on NPR . (Think Schindler's List, Rob Roy, and Ethan Frome.) But nowadays, all he seems to do is punch people. He punches people for kidnapping his daughter (Taken) and... More »

The Grey a 'Lyrical' Thriller

Liam Neeson stars in survival thriller

(Newser) - The Grey, a survival-in-the-wilderness thriller starring Liam Neeson, is earning a wealth of literary comparisons. The film tells the story of a group of men stranded in the snow after a plane crash, and critics are mostly impressed.
  • In the New York Times , AO Scott applauds the "fine, tough
... More »

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