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Man Grows New Nose ... on His Forehead

Not your average nose job

(Newser) - A 22-year-old man in China needed a new nose. So a surgeon has built him one ... on his forehead. The surgeon, Guo Zhihui from Fujian Medical University Union Hospital, constructed the second nose out of cartilage from the man's ribs, then put it under the skin on his forehead... More »

22 Celebs Who Had Cosmetic Surgery Before Hitting 25

Why wait until 40 to improve your nose, boobs?

(Newser) - Cosmetic surgery and Hollywood go together like bread and butter—and some stars don't even wait until middle age to go under the knife. Radar rounds up 22 stars who had plastic surgery before even hitting age 25:
  • Dianna Agron: After her nose was broken twice, once in high
... More »

Egypt Politician Ousted Over Nose Job Fib

Hardline lawmaker told everyone he'd been brutally beaten

(Newser) - Egypt's ultraconservative Nour party kicked out lawmaker Anwar el-Balkimy today, after discovering that the bandages covering his face were not, as he had been claiming, the result of a vicious beating from armed gunmen, but rather of a nose job. It's Egypt's first scandal of the post-Mubarak... More »

Boob Jobs Are Up, Nose Jobs Are Down

Number of breast implants rises by 40% over the last decade

(Newser) - Plastic surgery has undergone quite the boom and, ahem, bust cycle over the past decade. The number of breast implants is up 40%, with about 300,000 women having them done in 2010, while the number of breast lifts rose 70% to 90,000, the New York Times reports. Meanwhile,... More »

Writer Probes the Land of Lipo

(Newser) - Hoping for a firsthand glimpse at the $13 billion cosmetic-surgery industry, an undercover writer visited three surgeons to ask what could be improved—on her 27-year-old, 5-foot 9-inch, 120-lb. body. “Are teenybopper idols and those who emulate them freely choosing plastic surgery? Or is plastic surgery choosing them?” Melanie... More »

Kid Lit Meets Nip/Tuck

Plastic surgeon penned book after seeing need among patients—and their children

(Newser) - A plastic surgeon has written a children’s book aimed at explaining why Mommy is getting her tummy tucked, Newsweek reports. My Beautiful Mommy follows the story of a mother undergoing cosmetic surgery—and telling her daughter why, from doctor consultations to post-op bandages. Parents “just try to ignore... More »

6 Stories