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China Now the World's 3rd-Largest Arms Exporter

Buyers turn to China instead of US, Russia for cheaper, comparable weapons

(Newser) - From 2005 to 2009, China reigned as the world's top weapons importer, but since then, it's fallen to third place—while sliding into the third slot on another list: It's displaced Germany as the third-largest weapons exporter. China retains only 5% of the global export market—the... More »

Pentagon OKs Drone Sales to 66 Nations

But State Department, Congress still need to sign off

(Newser) - Soon, the US might not be the only country filling the sky with drones. The Pentagon has listed 66 countries to which it would be comfortable selling drones, military officials tell Reuters . But the sales haven't begun yet, because Congress and the State Department still have to sign off.... More »

US Arms Sales Skyrocket

Some fear sparking 'arms race'

(Newser) - Seeking to arm allies and contain countries like Iran and North Korea, the Bush Administration has significantly stepped up international weapons sales, the New York Times reports. The Defense Department will sell or transfer $32 billion in arms this year, particularly in the Middle East, compared to $12 billion two... More »

US Finds New Iran-Made Weapons In Iraq

Discovery suggests Tehran reneging on pledge to stop helping militants

(Newser) - The US military has discovered several caches of newly made Iranian weapons inside Iraq, reports the Wall Street Journal. The collection of mortars, rockets, and explosives had time stamps indicating that they were manufactured within the last 60 days, leading Washington officials to conclude that Tehran is still funneling armaments... More »

Zimbabwe Arms Ship Heads Back to China

South African dock workers refuse to unload Chinese tanker

(Newser) - A Chinese ship with a cargo of arms and ammunition bound for Zimbabwe will indeed head back to China, the Chinese foreign ministry confirmed today, after Zimbabwe's neighbors refused to let the vessel dock. The decision is a victory for the coalition of trade unionists, religious leaders, and Western diplomats... More »

China Ships Arms to Mugabe

Union refusing to unload dangerous cargo destined for tense Zimbabwe

(Newser) - As tensions rise in Zimbabwe, a Chinese ship has arrived in a South African port with arms bound for Harare. The ship put to sea with AK-47 rifles, mortars, rocket-propelled grenades and millions of rounds of ammunition, apparently to fortify President Robert Mugabe, who's not relinquishing power despite his suspected... More »

6 Stories