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Couple Claim Their House Is Being Mimicked a Mile Away

Construction temporarily postponed in the interest of 'professional courtesy'

(Newser) - In 2005, Long Island couple Seth and Rivka Fortgang built their dream home in the village of Lawrence and copyrighted the architectural plans to ensure that it remained truly one-of-a-kind. Now Rivka, an interior and exterior designer who envisioned the whole project, says her business and reputation are suffering because... More »

Dubai High Rise Would Add Novel Twists

Revolving floors just one of 80-story tower's planned innovations

(Newser) - If heights make your head spin, a planned 80-story tower in Dubai might not be the place for you. Set to be the "world's first building in motion," David Fisher's design features doughnut-shape floors that rotate 360 degrees around a fixed cement core, the AP reports. It would... More »

WTC Blueprints Found in Trash

After huge security breach, vagrant spots documents

(Newser) - A vagrant sifting through a trash can found confidential blueprints for the Freedom Tower, the New York Post reports. Though the documents are not complete, they contain sufficient information, such as the thickness of the building’s concrete core and schematics of the ventilation system, to facilitate a potentially devastating... More »

3 Stories