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Copperhead Latches Onto Woman's Foot in Restaurant

'I felt what turned out to be a snake wiggling in my fingers'

(Newser) - Rachel Myrick experienced possibly one of the last things you'd expect upon entering a LongHorn Steakhouse: She was bit by a copperhead snake. In fact, the venomous 8-inch snake was still attached to her foot (she was wearing sandals) after she first felt a sharp pain; she had to... More »

Search for Missing Man Turns Up His Boot, Then a Bloated Snake

Victim was swallowed whole in remote Indonesia

(Newser) - The body of a 25-year-old man who vanished in a remote village in Indonesia has been found—in the belly of a 23-foot-long snake. Father of two Akbar Salubiro had gone to harvest palm oil on his family's plantation on the island of Sulawesi on Sunday when villagers "... More »

Man Bit While Posing for Photos With Rattlesnake

Now his mom's trying to embarrass him into learning a lesson

(Newser) - A California woman is publicly shaming her 36-year-old son by sharing the embarrassing photos he took with a rattlesnake—right before it bit him—with local news stations. Deborah Gomez tells CBS Los Angeles she's trying to teach her son Alex a lesson. KTLA reports Alex Gomez found the... More »

Shopper Opens Lowe's Cabinet, Is Bitten by Snake

Fortunately, it wasn't a venomous species

(Newser) - A shopper opening a cabinet at a Lowe's store got an unpleasant surprise: a bite on the head by a snake, WTVA reports. The snake jumped out of the cabinet at the store in Corinth, Miss., the local police chief says. The customer's condition isn't clear, but... More »

Cobra's Severed Head Bites, Kills Chef

Snake kept functioning after decapitation

(Newser) - A chef killed a snake—but the snake had enough time to kill him back. Chef Peng Fan, of Guangdong Province in China, cut off the head of a spitting cobra as he prepared to dice its body for a soup, the Daily Mail reports. But 20 minutes later, as... More »

Snake-Handling Pastor Killed by Snake Bite

Jamie Coots refused medical help after snake sunk its teeth in

(Newser) - A snake-handling pastor in Kentucky died yesterday after he was bitten during a church service and refused medical attention—not an unusual attitude for a snake-handling pastor, apparently. Jamie Coots, who starred in the National Geographic show Snake Salvation, went home after being bitten by a poisonous snake and told... More »

Farmer Bites Snake to Death

Fangs a lot, says cobra

(Newser) - That's one gutsy farmer. A Nepalese man bitten by a cobra in his rice paddy turned the tables on the creature and repeatedly bit the snake. "A snake charmer told me that if a snake bites you, bite it until it is dead and nothing will happen to... More »

Owner Critical After Pet Cobra Bite

Victim believed new pet's venom sacks had been removed

(Newser) - A New Jersey man who went shopping for pet snakes over the weekend ended up in critical condition after a snake bite. The 25-year-old reptile fan was hospitalized after a bite from an albino cobra, which he had bought along with a diamondback rattlesnake and a copperhead snake, MSNBC reports.... More »

Pet Boa Constrictor Kills Owner

Cops pry animal from owner's neck

(Newser) - A suburban Omaha man was strangled by his pet boa constrictor in his home as he was showing off the snake to a friend. Cory Byrne, 34, died in a local hospital just hours after cops and paramedics pried the 9-foot snake from his neck. The snake is being held... More »

Other Natural Disasters as Weird as the Sinkhole

Fire tornadoes, asteroid strikes and more

(Newser) - As the sinkhole that swallowed a three-story building in Guatemala Monday demonstrated, natural disasters can be really weird. The Daily Beast runs through some of the strangest natural catastrophes on record:
  • The poisonous cloud: In 1986 in Cameroon, 1,700 people and 3,500 animals mysteriously dropped dead simultaneously. Scientists
... More »

Brit Gang Uses Snake to Attack Teen

(Newser) - A gang of young British toughs armed with snakes used a python to bite a teen they pinned to a wall, reports the Guardian. The 14-year-old boy is recovering with two puncture wounds in his hand. He suffered breathing difficulties, but paramedics say that was due to panic and not... More »

Snakebites Surge in Texas, Calif.

(Newser) - Poison control centers have witnessed a steep rise in snakebites in parts of the country this summer, USA Today reports. Authorities in central Texas say bites are up 35%, and southern California has seen many more serious cases than usual. Some experts suspect more snakes are developing powerful toxins in... More »

Pet Python Strangles 2-Year-Old

(Newser) - A 2-year-old Florida girl was strangled to death yesterday by a pet python owned by her mother’s boyfriend, the Orlando Sentinel reports. Charles Darnell noticed that his 8-foot-long albino Burmese python had escaped from its aquarium when he awoke yesterday morning. He found it on top of the girl... More »

Cop Saves Woman in Python's Death Grip

12-foot snake attacks pet shop owner

(Newser) - A cop and several firemen struggled to rescue an Oregon pet shop owner after she stuck her hand in a python's cage, the Eugene Register-Guard reports. Teresa Rossiter was showing off 12-foot Darla to customers when the snake bit her, wrapped around her, and knocked her down. A policeman came... More »

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