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Pulitzers to Enquirer: No Prize for You

Edwards story won't net tabloid an award because it's a 'magazine'

(Newser) - The National Enquirer is not eligible for a Pulitzer Prize for its reporting on John Edwards' affair with Rielle Hunter and the resulting child—not because it's a supermarket tabloid but because of a technicality. The Enquirer, you see calls itself a "magazine," and magazines can't receive the... More »

Murdoch's Journal Readies Battle Against the Times

Clash of titans recalls Hearst v. Pulitzer

(Newser) - A newly Rupert Murdoch-ified Wall Street Journal throws down the gauntlet at the New York Times tomorrow, reports Newsweek, in the biggest battle of newspaper titans since Hearst v. Pulitzer. Murdoch is looking for (more) power and respect from the journalistic elite at a time when the Gray Lady is... More »

2 Stories