in vitro meat

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Now Available: Synthetic Meat Cookbook

You just can't cook with it... yet

(Newser) - If cannibal snacks and meat ice cream sound like something you might call tasty, you're in luck: The makers of the $330,000 "Frankenburger" are developing a cookbook for all your lab-grown meat needs, LiveScience reports. Using indiegogo , the team hopes to dish out the In Vitro Meat ... More »

PETA Offering $1M Prize for Test Tube Meat

Animal-rights group nearly splinters over research reward

(Newser) - PETA is offering a $1 million reward to the first researchers who can figure out a commercially viable artificial meat-production system, the New York Times reports. Scientists have been working on in vitro meat for years, hoping to grow edible tissue cultures that could replace slaughtered livestock. But there was... More »

2 Stories