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GOP Wave Rolls On: Alaska Dumps Begich

Republican Dan Sullivan defeats first-term senator

(Newser) - Mark Begich couldn't pull off another election surprise as Republican Dan Sullivan, a Marine Corps reservist and assistant secretary of state under President George W. Bush, defeated the first-term incumbent as part of a wave in which Republicans regained control of the Senate. Another Senate race is yet to... More »

Ex-AG Beats Palin Pick in Alaska GOP Primary

Dan Sullivan will take on Mark Begich this fall

(Newser) - A Tea Party attempt to overcome a mainstream Republican came up short in Alaska last night as former state Attorney General Dan Sullivan won the GOP primary to become his party's candidate to take on Sen. Mark Begich this fall. Sullivan entered the primary the presumed front-runner, with the... More »

Palin Eyes 2014 Senate Bid

But pundits have their doubts about Begich challenge

(Newser) - Is Sarah Palin thinking about reviving her political career? Asked by Sean Hannity if she might run for the Senate in Alaska next year, Palin said she had considered it—at other people's request—but she is waiting to see who else steps up and whether "there will... More »

8 Senators: Blow the Doors Open on FISA Court

Bipartisan group wants FISA rulings declassified

(Newser) - Here's one way to cut down on leaks about spy agencies' use of the super-secret FISA court—make the rulings public. Eight senators from both parties backed a bill today that would bring far more transparency to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, reports Roll Call . They want key rulings... More »

Suspicious Packages Hit Alaska Lawmakers

Mark Begich, Don Young both targeted

(Newser) - A day after a bomb squad had to blow up briefcases left at John Boehner's offices, more suspicious packages targeted two Alaskan lawmakers. A box containing a white powder was delivered to Democrat Sen. Mark Begich's Fairbanks office and opened by a staff member. Begich spokeswoman Julie Hasquet... More »

Alaska Senator to Sarah Palin: Whine to John McCain

Says he doesn't take advice from 'someone who quit'

(Newser) - Mark Begich delivered a sharp jab at Sarah Palin yesterday, saying, in effect, that he didn’t consider her an Alaskan anymore. Asked about Palin’s insistence that he push to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling as part of a debt ceiling deal, Begich replied, “... More »

Senators to Facebook: Privacy Changes Suck

Oh, and fancy an FTC investigation?

(Newser) - It's not just tech geeks freaking out about the new Facebook changes; apparently they're causing hand-wringing in the very halls of Congress. Four Democratic senators—Chuck Schumer, Al Franken, Mark Begich and Michael Bennet—have sent an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg complaining that the changes give users less control... More »

Climate Bill's Best Hope? Drill, Baby, Drill

Kerry/Graham compromise could pick up 2-4 votes

(Newser) - The new climate bill introduced with some fanfare by John Kerry and Lindsey Graham actually has a fighting chance of getting through the Senate, thanks to its offshore drilling provision. Despite Democrats’ supermajority, cap-and-trade legislation probably only had between 52 and 55 votes before this. But this bill, which also... More »

Rift Widens Between Palin, New Senator

His frustration at project delays is 'uninformed,' officials say

(Newser) - Sarah Palin's relationships with junior Sen. Mark Begich and her predecessor in the governor's office just keep getting testier and testier, reports the Anchorage Daily News. Both Begich and former Gov. Frank Murkowski have complained of late that a proposed gas pipeline from Alaska to the rest of the country... More »

Alaska GOP Calls for Senate Race Do-Over

Palin, party leader say Stevens would have won without felony raps

(Newser) - The head of Alaska's Republican Party is calling for Democratic Sen. Mark Begich to step down and clear the way for a new election now that felony misconduct charges have been dropped against former Sen. Ted Stevens, reports the Anchorage Daily News. Stevens would not have lost in November if... More »

Redoubt Eruption Burns Jindal

In wake of explosion

(Newser) - Mount Redoubt erupted in Alaska, but Bobby Jindal is feeling the heat in Louisiana, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports. Democrats are raking the governor over the coals for scoffing at “something called volcano monitoring” as an example of wasteful spending in his televised speech last month. “It’s... More »

Alaskans Erupt Over Jindal Volcano Jab

(Newser) - Alaskans of all stripes are incensed by Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s disparaging comments Tuesday about the necessity of volcano monitoring, the Anchorage Daily News reports. It’s “a matter of life and death in Alaska,” Sen. Mark Begich wrote the Republican. Even Gov. Sarah Palin’s office... More »

Stevens Concedes, Won't Seek Recount

Longest-serving GOP senator makes no mention of corruption conviction

(Newser) - Republican Ted Stevens conceded the Alaska Senate race today, bringing an end to a 40-year political career that culminated in scandal, the Anchorage Daily News reports. Stevens congratulated his Democratic opponent, Mark Begich, apparently deciding that a recount would be futile given his deficit of more than 3,700 votes. More »

Begich Defeats Stevens in Alaska Race

Dems pick up another Senate seat; no word from GOP on recount

(Newser) - Democrat Mark Begich has ousted Ted Stevens in Alaska's Senate race, the Anchorage Daily News reports. Begich widened his lead to 3,724 votes, with only 2,500 left to be counted. The Stevens camp has not said whether it will request a recount, which would take place in early... More »

Begich Pushes Lead Over Stevens to 1,022

Incumbent's safer regions counted Friday; still 24,000 ballots to go

(Newser) - In the Alaska senatorial race, Democrat Mark Begich has stretched his lead over GOP stalwart (and convicted felon) Ted Stevens to 1,022, with over 90% of votes counted, the Anchorage Daily News reports. Some 24,000 ballots remain to be tallied, but yesterday’s results, from typically pro-Stevens areas,... More »

Begich Leads Stevens by 814 Votes in Alaska

Democrat takes first lead; another 40,000 votes to be counted

(Newser) - Democrat Mark Begich has taken the lead—by 814 votes—over Ted Stevens in the race for the Senate in Alaska, reports With about 40,000 absentee votes still to be counted, Begich leads 132,196  to 131,382. When the day began, Begich trailed by more than... More »

Stevens Leads, but Vote Count Is Still Young

Recount, anyone?

(Newser) - Alaskan election workers will start tallying uncounted ballots tomorrow in the race for the Senate seat of Ted Stevens, expecting to get through half of them by the end of the day. The convicted but unrepentant Stevens still leads Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich by 3,257 votes, 106,594 to... More »

'I Have Not Been Convicted of Anything': Stevens

Nonetheless, Alaska senators plans appeal of last week's verdict in DC

(Newser) - Ted Stevens said he had “not been convicted of anything,” during a debate last night with the Democratic challenger to his Alaska Senate seat, Politico reports—despite being convicted Monday on corruption charges. The 84-year old Republican alleges prosecutorial misconduct and plans an appeal, though top GOP figures—... More »

10 Senate Races to Watch

Dems could pick up 8 seats; GOP could oust Landrieu in La.

(Newser) - With 35 Senate seats up for grabs Tuesday, Chris Cillizza, in the Washington Post, predicts Democrats will flip eight. Two more are close calls for the Dems, while the GOP has one hope for a pickup. Starting with the most likely:
  1. Virginia is in the bag for Mark Warner; he
... More »

Defiant Stevens Restarts Campaign, Pending Appeal

Republican plans to hit campaign trail touting record, blasting feds

(Newser) - Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens returns home tomorrow to campaign for reelection after being convicted on felony corruption charges yesterday; his team vows a "nonstop, very aggressive" effort, the Anchorage Daily News reports. Stevens enjoys deep loyalty in the state, particularly in rural areas, where he’s brought billions of... More »

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