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China Files WTO Complaint Over Trump's Tariff Hike

Says Trump's decision on aluminum, steel violates international trade rules

(Newser) - China has filed a World Trade Organization complaint challenging President Trump's tariff hike on imported steel and aluminum, the trade body said Tuesday. The tariff spat is one element of a wide-ranging trade dispute between Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping's government. Trump also has threatened to increase... More »

Time to Upgrade Trade With Russia

Hillary Clinton: Congress must ditch outdated amendment

(Newser) - With Russia finally due to enter the World Trade Organization, Hillary Clinton is urging the US to take a hard look at its own trade policy. A 1970s law currently prevents us from normal trade with Moscow, but at this point, that legislation is hurting only us. The Jackson-Vanik amendment... More »

Russia Finally a WTO Member

Move could boost Russian, European economies

(Newser) - Russia finally got its secret decoder ring for the World Trade Organization today, ending an 18-year quest for admittance. The vote is likely to provide a boost for both Russia's economy and that of its top trading partner, the European Union, the AP predicts, with the latter potentially boosting... More »

Russia to End Ban on Dutch, Belgian Veggies

Russia lifts part of 'disproportionate' vegetable ban

(Newser) - Russia is ending a blanket ban on vegetable imports from the European Union put in place over fears of E. coli infection, starting with the Netherlands and Belgium, the nation's top consumer rights watchdog said today. Shipments were allowed to resume today following a 26-day ban intended to prevent... More »

US Illegally Subsidized Boeing, WTO Rules

Airbus thinks $45B in retaliation is 'realistic'

(Newser) - The US has given billions of dollars in illegal subsidies to Boeing, the World Trade Organization formally ruled today after months of investigation. The WTO has now found that both Boeing and Europe's Airbus received illegal aid from their respective governments, leaving the US and European Union to negotiate a... More »

Obama Slaps Stiff Tariff on Chinese Tires

China threatens retaliation after president moves to protect US tire industry

(Newser) - President Obama has imposed tough new tariffs on the import of Chinese-made tires, the Wall Street Journal reports. The 35% import tariff comes in response to industry complaints that Chinese-made tires are flooding the US, jeopardizing thousands of jobs. China attacked the decision, saying it violated trade rules, and threatened... More »

Global Trade Talks Collapse

Breakdown halts seven years of progress to hammer out deal

(Newser) - World Trade Organization talks to forge a new global trade pact collapsed yesterday after seven years of negotiations. An EU spokesman called the breakdown a "massive blow to the confidence in the global economy." The talks fell apart as China and India demanded the authortity to impose "... More »

Export Bans Push Food Costs Even Higher

29 nations move to keep more food at home

(Newser) - Alarmed by high food prices and shortages worldwide, some 29 countries are banning or reducing exports of foods to make sure they have enough at home. Such limitations pose a threat to countries that rely on imports, forcing prices up further, the New York Times reports. What’s more, the... More »

US Slams EU Over Tariffs on High Tech

Washington appeals to WTO to end levies on $70B worth of goods

(Newser) - The US butted heads with the European Union today over import tariffs on more than $70 billion worth of computer screens and other technology products, Reuters reports. "The EU should be working with the United States to promote new technologies, not finding protectionist gimmicks to apply new duties to... More »

Bush Boosts Battered NAFTA at Summit

Trading partners meet in New Orleans

(Newser) - President Bush yesterday opened a two-day economic summit in New Orleans with Mexico and Canada amid growing hostility to the North American Free Trade Agreement, which is widely blamed for US job losses. Bush is using the meeting with the trillion-dollar trading partners to highlight support for NAFTA as the... More »

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