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Man Loses 14 Years of Work When Google Deletes His Blog

Dennis Cooper's misfortune is raising new censorship concerns

(Newser) - Artist Dennis Cooper made a horrifying discovery June 27: His 14-year-old blog—the sole home of his experimental writing, research, photographs, and more—was gone, Art Forum reports. According to Fusion , Cooper's blog was hosted by Google-owned Blogger, and those headed to are greeted with the... More »

Book: Fox Used Fake Online Accounts for Self-Defense

PR team posted comments on blogs, claims 'Murdoch's World'

(Newser) - When bloggers went negative on Fox News, the channel had a self-defense weapon at the ready: fake accounts used for posting "pro-Fox rants," a new book claims. Murdoch's World, by David Folkenflik, holds that during the latter half of the '00s, "PR staffers were expected... More »

Google Killing Google Reader

Service to shut down July 1; 'usage has declined'

(Newser) - Some eight years after the service launched, Google is shutting down its Reader, Marketing Land reports. The news-reading service was "an effort to make it easy for people to discover and keep tabs on their favorite websites," Google said in a blog post . "While the product has... More »

No More Pro-Anorexia Blogs on Tumblr

Blogging site to enforce new content policy

(Newser) - Tumblr is taking a stand against blogs that promote self-harm. When a new content policy goes into effect, likely next week, pro-anorexia blogs or others that urge readers to self-injure will no longer be allowed on the blogging site, according to a staff post today. The Awl and New York'... More »

NYT Sues HuffPo Over Mom Blog

Says 'Parentlode' too close to 'Motherlode'

(Newser) - It’s a battle of the mom blogs—though in both cases, the woman behind them is the same. The New York Times is suing the Huffington Post over the latter’s “Parentlode” blog , saying the name is too similar to the Times’ “Motherlode.” Both blogs have... More »

Blame (or Thank?) Blogs for Brett Favre Scandal

Mainstream media would never have reported on this, writes Howard Kurtz

(Newser) - “I didn’t get into journalism to write about Brett Favre’s private parts,” harrumphs Howard Kurtz today in his last Washington Post column, and most mainstream reporters would agree. “But our ability to spike such tawdry tales ended many seasons ago.” Now blogs can drive... More »

NYT Helpfully Explains Blogs

Thank goodness we finally have a definition

(Newser) - Yes, it is the year 2010, despite the fact that if you read yesterday’s New York Times you may have thought it was 1998. In the Public Editor column—where, Adrian Chen notes on Gawker , “Times overlords answer questions from normal idiot readers”—managing editor Jill Abramson... More »

2009's Funniest Blogs

Because what's funnier than hipsters and creepy Santas?

(Newser) - This was indeed a banner year for people wanting to waste time at work by looking at silly, random blogs. The Frisky lists 10 favorites that got popular in 2009:
  • Look At This F**king Hipster: If you can’t get enough of neon shirts, emo haircuts, and short-shorts, this site
... More »

Meet the New Media, Same as the Old Media

Blogging turns from amateur calling to corporate career

(Newser) - It’s become obligatory for internet philosophers to crow about how blogs have democratized the press and allowed average joes to beat big media, but it’s just not true anymore, writes Benajamin Carlson of the Atlantic. “The free-wheeling fraternal spirit of blogging has become increasingly subject to market... More »

Obama Losing Battle of Old Media, New Media

New media derails dream of new politics

(Newser) - Barack Obama burst onto the scene as a unifying figure, someone who was supposed to end divisiveness and transform political dialogue. But these days, the rancor is as high as ever, and an administration known for its new-media savvy is taking it on the chin regularly from the blogosphere and... More »

How the Lolcat Empire Keeps Growing

'There's no way on the planet this should actually work,' says Huh

(Newser) - Ben Huh knows how to fail upward, and has a rather simple explanation for the success of his Web empire: “Dude, I think it’s funny.” The former journalist, 31, is the maverick behind at least 20 smirking sites, including I Can Has Cheesburger? and FAIL Blog, which... More »

Huffington Post: A Hotbed of Junk Medicine

Unpaid bloggers push enemas for swine flu, vaccine hokum

(Newser) - During the height of swine flu panic, a Huffington Post blogger advised dumping the Tamiflu and sticking with "deep-cleansing enemas," which will supposedly keep you influenza-free and help you lose weight, too. HuffPo is a hotbed of junk medicine, Dr. Rahul K. Parikh writes in Salon, with... More »

For Latest on Iran Unrest, Check Online First

(Newser) - Traditional media are having a tough time covering the Iranian election fallout, but fear not: Web 2.0 is up to the task. The Washington Post runs down the best destinations for those hoping to stay on top of the situation:
  • Current, unedited photos containing "a level
... More »

'Pregnancy' Blog Was Anti-Abortion Hoax

Blogger had thousands of followers

(Newser) - A popular anti-abortion blog that told the story of a woman who gave birth to a terminally ill baby was a hoax, the Chicago Tribune reports. For months, thousands of readers logged on daily to follow "April's Mom." They rallied around her, sending photos, gifts, and prayers. On... More »

Huffington Post Helps Left Dominate Right Online

(Newser) - In the battle for the blogosphere, left-leaning sites are clobbering their conservative counterparts, thanks mostly to the Huffington Post, David Kaplan writes for paidContent. Liberal sites attracted 6.4 million unique visitors in April, to 4.8 million for conservative sites. Of those, 5.6 million were Huffington Post hits,... More »

Best Liveblogs Covering the Inauguration

From politics to traffic, these sources have DC's big day covered

(Newser) - In the 4 years since the last inauguration, news organizations have embraced live-blogging to offer running commentary on big events. Some of the most interesting inaugural liveblogs:
  • Politico Live, the Washington news source's live feed, is covering the politics and the spectacle of the day. It reports that Rep. James
... More »

E!'s Lyons Draws Scorn of Fellow Film Critics

Lyons is a "train wreck," but reviewers have no audience

(Newser) - In his four months as critic on E!'s At The Movies, Ben Lyons—he who called Will Smith's I Am Legend one of the greatest films in history with a straight face—has galled the critics' community and presided over a plunge in viewership of the show once hosted... More »

Lefties Yelp Over Obama's Rightward Moves

Cabinet positions, backtracking on taxes, Iraq not what some liberals envisioned

(Newser) - The Internet left, a cash cow for Barack Obama’s campaign, is now home to some of his sharper critics, Politico reports. The president-elect seems to be turning down the heat on some red-meat ideas, like a windfall-profits tax on oil companies. And, notes one prominent progressive blogger, “There... More »

Anti-Obama Bloggers Claim Censorship

Writers say Google allowed unwarranted freeze of their accounts

(Newser) - A rash of bloggers running anti-Obama sites are charging that Google took away their soapboxes, the New York Sun reports. Many of their blogs were temporarily suspended, likely after being flagged as spam by Obama supporters. Google reactivated the conservative blogs the next day, but those involved are not satisfied... More »

Sports Columnists Lost in Digital Transition

Ink-and-paper set, losing touch with their cities and teams, jump for electronic havens

(Newser) - Sports columnists are leaving behind their local teams and newspaper readership in droves for the greener pastures of the online and television worlds, and it's "something to be lamented," writes Robert Weintraub in the Columbia Journalism Review. “The gifted sports columnists often delivered the best writing in... More »

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