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This Year's Craziest Restaurant Meal: 3.5K Calories

Watchdog group lists diet-annihilating dishes from US chains

(Newser) - Nearly 3,550 calories for a burger, fries, and shake sounds about right—if it's one of the meals called out on a watchdog group's annual list of fatty, sugary, calorie-heavy foods served at US chain restaurants. The Center for Science in the Public Interest pored over nutritional... More »

Work Is Less of a Workout These Days

We burn fewer calories on the job than people in the 1960s

(Newser) - You'll want to sit down for this—wait, you probably already are. Fewer jobs requiring even moderate physical activity contributes to workers burning 120 to 140 fewer calories on the job than they did in the '60s, reports USA Today . During an average workday, men burn an average... More »

A Day in the Life of a Tour de France Rider's Stomach

Here's what 9,000 calories look like

(Newser) - Three weeks, 2,200 miles, and a few mountains: Clearly, a few Clif bars won't hack it for Tour de France riders. LiveScience takes a look at how, and what, Lance Armstrong et al eat on race days:
  • For starters, they eat often, about 6 times a day: twice before,
... More »

Black Women Getting Shorter: Study

They're the only group to lose height over recent generations

(Newser) - While most of the American population is slowly gaining in height after a recent plateau, one group actually seems to be shrinking over the decades. Black women have lost about a half-inch on average compared to the previous generation, the exact opposite of the national trend, the Chicago Tribune reports,... More »

Brain Offers a Clue on Why Obese People Eat More

(Newser) - New research takes an accepted truth about obese people and flips it upside down: They may, in fact, get less pleasure out of eating than people of normal weight, the LA Times reports. Researchers found that people who have weaker reward circuitry in the brain tend to overeat. Thus, while... More »

Moms Go Bananas to Conceive Boys

Gender influenced by diet, researchers find

(Newser) - Women who want to conceive boys should eat potassium-rich bananas as part of a high calorie, high protein diet, according to the latest British research into influencing gender at conception. Scientists found that 56% of mothers on a high calorie diet conceived boys, compared with 45% of those on a... More »

6 Stories