Carole Mallory

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Mistress Recalls Mailer Sex Roles

Casting couch among Pulitzer-winner's role-play favorites, Carole Mallory says

(Newser) - Norman Mailer’s fanciful sex life is giving his best-selling books a run for their money as his legacy, the New York Post reports. Mailer's longtime lover Carole Mallory—who recently hawked her X-rated writings about Mailer's sexual experimentation to Harvard—says the Pulitzer Prize-winner "liked me to dress... More »

Lover Suspected Mailer of Gay Sex

Mistress jotted suspicions in archives purchased by Harvard

(Newser) - One of Norman Mailer’s mistresses suspected the writer of having a gay affair—or perhaps several, reports the Times of London. Mailer also asked lover Carole Mallory to have three-way sex with a gay man, according to her notes in archives recently purchased by Harvard University. One of the... More »

Harvard Buys Mailer Mistress' Lusty Litany

Papers include 50-page sex scene based on relationship

(Newser) - Harvard missed out on acquiring the papers of late novelist Norman Mailer, but it's bought the next-best thing—those of his longtime mistress Carole Mallory, the New York Post reports. The package includes a 20-page sex scene from an unpublished memoir called Making Love With Norman. "Norman was a... More »

3 Stories