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New Super PAC Wants to Dump All Incumbents

'We’re not interested in shifting power between Republicans and Democrats'

(Newser) - On Super Tuesday, the Campaign for Primary Accountability had its money behind two diametrically opposed candidates: Tea Party conservative Brad Wenstrup, and Dennis Kucinich. What did they have in common? Both were taking on long-entrenched incumbents. The Campaign is the rare super PAC that doesn't back any one candidate... More »

Insider-Trading Probe Targets House Committee Chair

Rep. Spencer Bachus faces first-of-its-kind ethics investigation

(Newser) - Foxes have been found guarding hen houses on Capitol Hill in the past, but ethics investigators now believe they have identified a particularly greedy one. Rep. Spencer Bachus, chair of the House Financial Services Committee, is being probed for possible violations of insider-trading laws, reports the Washington Post . The investigation... More »

No. of Reps Who Donated to National Debt in 2010: 3

But even if they gave full salaries, they'd barely make a den

(Newser) - For a bunch of people so concerned with the growing national debt, the House of Representatives doesn't have a lot of members putting their money where their mouths are. The House has program that allows representatives to return a portion of their salaries toward debt reduction (the Senate doesn't even... More »

Anti-New Deal Book Is GOP's New Bible

Republicans flock to The Forgotten Man in fight over stimulus

(Newser) - For the Republican Party, looking for any kind of traction for its opposition to President Obama’s stimulus spending, anti-New Deal book The Forgotten Man is a godsend, Politico reports. Author Amity Shlaes suggests, in what some call revisionist history, that FDR’s plan, pushed by government bureaucrats on a... More »

Sanders to Bachus: Who You Calling a Socialist?

Wants other 16 names in new red scare

(Newser) - Rep. Spencer Bachus’ pronouncement last week that he knew of 17 socialists in Congress seemed to come right out of a '50s playbook, but he's turned out to be a reluctant Joe McCarthy. Capitol Hill went into a tizzy over the use of the "S" word, Politico reports, but... More »

Alabama Rep. Says He Has List of Socialists

Vermont Sen. Sanders is one, as are 17 in House: GOP's Bachus

(Newser) - An Alabama congressman says 17 of his colleagues, plus a senator, are socialists who are pushing President Obama too far leftward, the Birmingham News reports. “Some of the men and women I work with in Congress are socialists,” Republican Spencer Bachus declared yesterday—though he wouldn’t name... More »

House Panel OKs $15B Plan to Buy Foreclosed Homes

States, cities would get money to purchase and fix up houses

(Newser) - Lawmakers have backed a $15 billion aid package for municipalities so they can buy and fix up foreclosed homes, the Wall Street Journal reports. A House panel voted 38-26 for the measure, which would be split evenly between loans and grants. States could use the money to get vacated homes... More »

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