Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act

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Beyond Mitt's Binders: Women Lost the Debate

Apparently, single moms cause gun violence?

(Newser) - By now you've probably seen some snarky jokes about Romney's " binders full of women " comment, but that wasn't the only thing making feminists cringe in last night's debate . Romney's entire answer on pay equity "was pretty amazingly retrograde," writes Matthew Yglesias... More »

'War on Women'? Yes, But Democrats Are Waging It

Meghan Clyne: Women are not 'reducible to ovaries'

(Newser) - Democrats accuse the GOP of waging a "war on women," but really it's the Dems who demean women and limit their opportunities, writes Meghan Clyne at The Weekly Standard . The liberal argument—that opposing abortion and federally funded contraception is "anti-woman"—makes women "reducible... More »

Senate Republicans Block Equal Pay Bill

Democrats hope to score points in November

(Newser) - Senate Republicans today blocked a Democratic bill calling for equal pay in the workplace. As expected, the bill failed along party lines, 52-47, short of the required 60-vote threshold. But for majority Democrats, passage wasn't the point. The debate itself was aimed at putting Republicans on the defensive on... More »

Romney Camp on Equal Pay: 'We'll Get Back to You on That'

Campaign won't comment on the Ledbetter Act

(Newser) - Asked today if Mitt Romney supports an equal-pay for women law, the candidate's campaign declined to answer—a gaffe that President Obama's campaign quickly picked up and ran with. Romney's campaign was asked about the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act—the first bill Obama signed into... More »

It's Been 3 Weeks, Not 4 Years

A rocky stretch this early won't define Obama's presidency

(Newser) - Stop worrying. “Sure, President Obama had a lousy week. A week is not a presidency.” In fact, writes Ruth Marcus in the Washington Post, despite Tom Daschle's withdrawal and the bumpy rollout of the stimulus, Obama is outperforming any reasonable standard. He’s signed major laws on pay... More »

Equal Pay Is Obama's Women Card

Dem plays to economic issues, away from polarizing abortion

(Newser) - Barack Obama isn't talking about Roe v. Wade much before female audiences these days, Politico reports, focusing rather on a case seen to have undermined women's rights to equal pay. In highlighting Ledbetter v. Goodyear Tires rather than abortion, the Democrat is tapping into economic concerns while steering clear of... More »

Equal Pay Bill Blocked in Senate

Clinton and Obama declare truce to back bill stomped by GOP

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama interrupted their rival campaigns yesterday to vote together on a bill that would make it easier for women to sue employers for pay discrimination. But their moment of unity proved fruitless as Senate Republicans blocked the bill, likely killing it for the rest of the... More »

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