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Take the Mystery Out of the Wine List

Riesling, Oregon, Costieres de Nimes, and Kermit Lynch are your friends

(Newser) - Ordering wine in a restaurant can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. "Quit being afraid of wine!" wine blogger Nilay Gandhi writes for The Awl . "There's one truth to that wine list you're so terrified to negotiate: it's full of baloney." You can't go... More »

'Groovy' Dry White From Austria Great for Summer

(Newser) - A difficult-to-pronounce wine from Austria is “one of summer’s great, unlikely pleasures,” Eric Asimov writes in the New York Times. Grüner veltliner has risen above the pack of other Germanic wines to become a favorite in America, thanks to its bracing dryness. It "can range... More »

Alsatian Wine Takes Sweet Turn

The French wines have gotten sweeter, and its hard to tell what's in the bottle, writes Asimov

(Newser) - Fifteen years ago, a few Alsatian wines were sweet, and the rest were dry. But "dry Alsace wines have taken a turn to the sweet side, usually without warning to consumers," Eric Asimov writes in the New York Times. The change occurred at both ends of the market:... More »

Germany's Dry Rieslings Go Down Sweetly

Quality has flourished over the past decade, Times wine critic says

(Newser) - The dry rieslings Eric Asimov sampled a decade ago in Germany were “tart and shrill,” he writes in the New York Times. So "how did they get so good" since? Lower-quality wines aren’t shipped to America, hypothesizes one wine importer, who nevertheless concedes that the country's... More »

4 Stories