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Trump on Russia Hack: 'Just Another Excuse'

Says CIA claims 'ridiculous,' and 'nobody really knows'

(Newser) - CIA claims that Russian hackers acted to rig the election are "ridiculous" and "just another excuse," President-elect Donald Trump told Fox News in an extensive interview Sunday. "I don't believe it. Every week it's another excuse. We had a massive landslide victory, as you... More »

Clinton-Trump Debate Moderators Are Chosen

Lester Holt, Martha Raddatz, Anderson Cooper, and Chris Wallace will handle them

(Newser) - The Commission on Presidential Debates is tasked with finding the folks who will moderate the upcoming word wars between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, as well as between their respective VP picks. And the commission has spoken, per ABC News , naming NBC Nightly News anchor Lester Holt as the first... More »

Clinton: 'I Know That I Have Work to Do'

Acknowledges she'll have to convince many Americans she's trustworthy

(Newser) - “I think that it's fair for Americans to have questions,” Hillary Clinton tells Fox News in her first interview since accepting the Democratic nomination. “Every time I run for an office, though, oh my goodness, all of these caricatures come out of nowhere. And people begin... More »

Ted Cruz Gets Bristly With Fox Moderator

'I may have to leave the stage'

(Newser) - Without Donald Trump on the stage, can Ted Cruz take the heat of being the top target? (Which FiveThirtyEight notes he was, at least in the initial portion of the debate.) He and Fox News debate moderator Chris Wallace had a bit of a verbal tussle early on. Chris... More »

Hosts: Sorry We Told Kelly Clarkson to Lay Off Pizza

Mike Gallagher, Chris Wallace apologize

(Newser) - A conservative radio host and a Fox News anchor are eating their words about how much Kelly Clarkson should eat. On Friday's The Mike Gallagher Show, host Gallagher and his guest, Fox's Chris Wallace, were talking about the issue of "fat shaming" when Gallagher asked Wallace, "... More »

Mark Sanford: Past Is Past

'Is this Fox News or the National Enquirer?' he asks Chris Wallace

(Newser) - South Carolina's soon-to-be-congressman, Mark Sanford, hit Fox News Sunday this morning, telling Chris Wallace that "the past is the past" and that he's looking "forward to working with the Republican team," reports Politico . “You probably learn more from the valleys of life than you... More »

Mitt Romney: 'It Kills Me' Not to Be Prez

In first interview he blasts Obama for playing politics, not leading

(Newser) - Mitt Romney's first post-election interview has aired, and it's a doozy. The former candidate and wife Ann sat down with Fox News' Chris Wallace and tackled a wide range of issues, from his unexpected loss to his grading of the man who beat him. A rundown of the... More »

Romney Finally Breaks Silence

Church experiences prepared them for election's end: Ann

(Newser) - Mitt Romney is finally speaking publicly about last year's election, and he likens it to a roller coaster. "Exciting and thrilling, ups and downs. But the ride ends," he told Chris Wallace in a Fox News interview to air Sunday. "And then you get off. And... More »

Fox Anchor to NRA's LaPierre: You're 'Ridiculous'

And Paul Krugman calls the NRA 'insane organization'

(Newser) - Wayne LaPierre has got to be feeling a little like he had a bulls-eye on his forehead during this morning's turn on Fox News Sunday, reports Politico . With Mark Kelly renewing his call for stricter gun control, LaPierre even took heat from Fox's Chris Wallace, who blasted LaPierre'... More »

Obama Gives 'Most Liberal' Speech Ever

President tosses a glove at the feet of Republicans

(Newser) - A Band-Aid to heal a divided America, it was not: Liberals and conservatives alike are calling President Obama's fiery inaugural speech today a call to arms for liberal values in stark opposition to his opponents. A sample:
  • "I was expecting an anodyne tone-poem about healing national wounds, surmounting
... More »

Ryan: 'I Don't Have Time' to Explain Tax Plan

Chris Wallace says, 'You haven't given me the math'

(Newser) - Asked today to defend Mitt Romney's tax plan , Paul Ryan said he didn't "have the time"—but did give an overview and referred the curious to various studies, the Washington Post reports. Chris Wallace was pressing Ryan on Fox News Sunday about how Romney could reduce... More »

Stewart Zings Fox 'Crybabies'

Fox is playing the victim, Daily Show host says

(Newser) - It's been more than a week since debating Chris Wallace on Fox News , but Jon Stewart is still hounding the network. Wallace now says he wishes he'd told Stewart that Fox told "the full story" instead of "other side of the story," prompting an incredulous... More »

Wallace Apologizes for 'Flake' Question to Bachmann

'I didn't mean any disrespect,' says Fox host

(Newser) - Chris Wallace's interview with Michele Bachmann on Fox News Sunday is resonating in part because he asked her, "Are you a flake?" The host has since apologized. "I messed up. I'm sorry," he says in a post-show video, notes the Hot Air blog . "I... More »

Stewart: Fox News Totally Edited My Interview

Cuts made Stewart seem crazy, and left out the best part

(Newser) - Jon Stewart appeared on Fox News for the third time on Sunday, and he kicked off last night's show by giving Comedy Central viewers the inside scoop. "One: I suggest you look at the unedited version online, where my emotional states don't seem to change so arbitrarily.... More »

Stewart: Media Is Lazy, but Fox News Is Worse

He talks about media bias with Chris Wallace, calls Fox News 'special'

(Newser) - Jon Stewart appeared on Fox News for the third time ever today, and Chris Wallace gave him quite the welcome: "After months of evasion, disconnected phone numbers, and press agents saying, 'Who are you again?' it appears he finally ran out of excuses." Stewart poked back in... More »

Herman Cain Flubs Mideast Policy on Fox

2012 GOP can't answer question on Palestinian 'right of return'

(Newser) - Herman Cain, the GOP candidate for the 2012 presidential nomination and ex-CEO of Godfather's Pizza, showed a depressing knowledge gap yesterday when Chris Wallace asked him about the Palestinian "right of return" on Fox News Sunday. He "stumbled hard," reports Fox News, and twice haltingly called... More »

Bachmann: NATO Killed 30K Libyan Civilians

Not exactly, Chris Wallace later corrects her

(Newser) - Michele Bachmann got a little mixed up today, claiming on Fox News Sunday that NATO airstrikes have killed as many as 30,000 civilians in Libya. She was railing against the “foolishness” of President Obama’s decision to get involved in Libya at the time, The Raw Story reports.... More »

Fox Torqued By Clinton-Gates 'Diss'

Of course, secretaries skipped CNN, too

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton and Robert Gates were talking up Libya on the talk show circuit today—except on Fox, and don't you think that host Chris Wallace didn't notice, reports Politico. “Of course we wanted to get the White House view on Libya,” Wallace told his viewers. “However,... More »

I Did Not Roll My Eyes at That Woman: Chris Wallace

Joe Scarborough accused Fox News anchor of laughing her off

(Newser) - Fox News anchor Chris Wallace did not, repeat, not roll his eyes at the camera after airing a sit-down interview with Sarah Palin, as MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough has alleged. But that’s just the “quick answer.” In an interview with Megyn Kelly on Fox, Wallace goes on... More »

ABC's John Stossel Jumps Ship for Fox

20/20 anchor joins fellow transplants Chris Wallace, Brit Hume

(Newser) - 20/20 anchor John Stossel is leaving ABC for Fox News and the Fox Business Channel, Mediabistro reports. The move is yet another shakeup for ABC—Stossel’s co-anchor Elizabeth Vargas is a frontrunner to replace Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America. Stossel, a frequent guest on Fox, will have a... More »

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