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Google Settles Lawsuit Over Book Scanning for $125M

Settlement will make it easier to access out-of-print books

(Newser) - Google has settled a lawsuit concerning intellectual property rights in its book-scanning initiative, Wired reports. Google will pay $125 million to authors who claimed their work was put online without their consent. The settlement also establishes a system where many out-of-print, but still copyrighted, books will be available to buy... More »

Microsoft Dumps Book-Scanning

Leaves work to Google in shift for struggling online operation

(Newser) - Microsoft is ending its searchable book-scanning process, leaving the task of digitizing libraries’ worth of text to Google, AP reports. The move follows Yahoo’s rejection of Microsoft’s takeover bid and suggests a new direction for the struggling online component of the world’s software king. Microsoft joined the... More »

Google Book Scans Go Slow at Research Libraries

No speedy way to digitize the rarest of volumes, search giant finding

(Newser) - In its ongoing effort to digitize the world's 50-100 million books for online book searching, Google is funding scanning efforts for rare volumes at leading libraries. The AP observed one such digitizing—the oldest Bible with Arabic type, scanned manually at 600 pages per day—which, to protect the work,... More »

3 Stories