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Top Chef's Personal Secret: 'It's All About Pain'

'Esquire' profiles Daniel Humm of Eleven Madison Park

(Newser) - When the influential World's 50 Best Restaurants comes out with its new list in April, don't be surprised to find Manhattan's Eleven Madison Park at the top, writes Jeff Gordinier in Esquire . His profile, however, isn't about the four-star restaurant exactly, but its 40-year-old chef and... More »

Fight Between 'America's Test Kitchen,' Founder Turns Nasty

Says Christopher Kimball is guilty of 'profoundly disloyal fiduciary' in new venture

(Newser) - Looking to escape the constant talk of email servers? You won't find a respite in the American cooking world, now hit with its own high-profile scandal detailed in the New York Times . In a lawsuit filed Oct. 31, America's Test Kitchen —a media empire that includes the... More »

Suicide Highlights 'Extraordinary' Pressures on Top Chefs

Benoit Violier wasn't the only cuisinier to feel the heat from high-stakes career

(Newser) - The suicide of "world's best chef" Benoit Violier illuminates not only the 44-year-old's personal troubles, but also the more pervasive pressures felt by many of the world's top culinary artists. The Guardian reports Violier had suffered recent personal loss, including the deaths of his dad and... More »

Top French Chefs: Let's Stop Food Porn

They ask diners to stop photographing, start eating

(Newser) - Food porn—the incessant taking and sharing of photos of meals—has been around for a while now, as have complaints against it, notes the Eater blog . But a story by Francetv info and AFP is catching some attention because it features two top chefs, from France no less, who... More »

The Secret Foods Famed Chefs Crave

Fritos, Cheetos, and donuts, oh my!

(Newser) - Even a world-renowned chef sometimes needs a good old-fashioned cheeseburger. Daily Meal got a number of chefs as well as restaurateurs, food critics, and other VIPs in the food world, to admit to their secret food vices. A sampling:
  • Mario Batali: "Three things: Really well-made ice cream; really well-made
... More »

New Fraternity Cuisine: Kegs and Creme Brulee

Top chefs are choosing the quad over restaurant row

(Newser) - Ken Cobb has given up locales like the Playboy Mansion for the Sigma Alpha Epsilon frat at Southern Methodist University. Part of a growing number of highly trained chefs leaving upscale restaurants, country clubs, and even the high table of Hugh Hefner to cook for the college set, Cobb has... More »

10 Most Sizzling Male Chefs

Of course Curtis Stone, and his dreamy accent, make the list

(Newser) - As if the kitchen isn't hot enough, Slashfood rounds up the 10 spiciest men in the food industry—most of whom have the double honor of heating up our living rooms, too:
  1. Sam Talbot: He may not have won season 2 of Top Chef, but this newly single Manhattanite takes
... More »

Michelin Names First Chinese 3-Star Chef

Hong Kong master began as chicken-plucker

(Newser) - The Michelin Guide's first three-star Chinese chef is no celebrity who's pushing cookbooks and TV shows, the New York Times reports. Chan Yan-tak, who grew up as a kitchen hand and worked his way through Hong Kong restaurants, even quit the business to take care of his daughter. "My... More »

Cured for What Ails You

Chefs, diners can't get enough of salty beef and pork salumi

(Newser) - Move over, fancy cheese, there's a new kid in town. Cured meat—salumi is the catchall term—is the latest foodie obsession, JJ Goode writes in Details. Salumi ranges from the familiar—think salami and prosciutto—to the more obscure like bresaola, cured beef made by artisans who "rub... More »

Highest Paid Celebrity Chefs

Who's cashing in the biggest on culinary skills

(Newser) - Rachael Ray may not be a classically trained chef, but her cooking prowess has made her a wealthy woman nonetheless, reports Forbes. Thanks to four Food Network programs, a talk show, and a self-titled magazine, she's the highest-paid celebrity chef, pulling in $18 million a year. Here are 9 others... More »

Cooks Dish Up Recipes for Distress

Culinary types find some foods too daunting to dish

(Newser) - Obscure ingredients, tedious techniques, and absurdly complex prep—cooks say some recipes push them to the boiling point. Any step too impractical, time-consuming, or just plain unpalatable can make even the most accomplished cooks hang up their aprons, writes Kim Severson in the New York Times. Even food critics balk... More »

11 Stories