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Millionaire Hospitalized After Schlocky Spending Spree

Ed Bazinet blew about $60M on tchotchkes at two trade shows

(Newser) - A wealthy Manhattan businessman was hospitalized in a mental institution after spending $20 million on ice-cream scoops, barbecue tools, scented sachets, and other gewgaws at the New York International Gift Fair, reports the New York Post . Ed Bazinet, who struck it rich selling ceramic figurines, went from booth to booth... More »

Why the Consumer Electronics Show Secretly Sucks

Slate columnist: Tech journalists won't say it, but the show's always a bore

(Newser) - Farhad Manjoo isn’t one of the tech journalists descending on Las Vegas this weekend. He decided to stay home and avoid “the overcrowded, overstuffed, chaotic, and profoundly pointless vaporware parade known as CES,” he writes in Slate . The Consumer Electronics Show “is an enormous waste of... More »

Apple to Quit Macworld Expo

Jobs won't be giving keynote address for company's last appearance next month

(Newser) - Apple shocked observers by announcing yesterday that its appearance at next month's Macworld Expo will be its last, Marketwatch reports. CEO Steve Jobs will not be giving a final keynote address at the San Francisco industry gathering where he has traditionally unveiled new products. The company's stock dived 5% following... More »

More Businesses Turning to Virtual Trade Shows

Companies head online to skip hassle, cost of real-world conventions

(Newser) - Hoping to dodge the hassle and cost of real-life trade shows, more companies are heading online to show off their wares. The San Jose Mercury News takes a look at this new, virtual business terrain, and what companies are doing with it. The online shows cost about $25,000 and... More »

Trade Show Offers Top Gear to China Cops

Washington shocked as US firms sell gizmos to Beijing

(Newser) - A police trade show packed with Western goods is thriving in Beijing despite worldwide outrage against China, the New York Times reports. DuPont and Motorola are among big-name companies selling items like bulletproof Kevlar and wireless systems for cops. Washington, which forbids the sale of police technology to China, was... More »

5 Stories